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Does A "master" List Of Gluten Ingredients Exist?

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I'm having a hard time getting handle on the things I need to avoid since being recently diagnosed with Celiac disease. Besides the obvious listings of ingredients like wheat, barley, rye on food AND also hygiene products, make-up, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste, deodorant... What are other ingredients to look for??? How do you know if they have 'hidden' gluten under some complicated name that you don't recognize? For example, I looked at all my shampoo, cond., lotion, toothpaste, etc. and the only thing that listed wheat was my shampoo & conditioner, however, from this forum it seems that others have a HARD time finding products like that DON'T contain gluten. I find it unlikely that I would happen to have the ones that don't have gluten. For example, I read one post on here that said tocopheryl acetate in hand sanitizer sometimes is made from wheat, I would've NEVER known that, how would you ever know that! So my question is for the experienced Celiacs out there... What do I look for??? What are the ingredients you look for to avoid in hygiene/ make-up products and also food??? What else do they list wheat/barley/rye under??? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Thank you!!




Newly diagnosed Celiac trying to learn the ropes

Very Positive tTG 3/10

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This book really helped me figure out grocery shopping and pharmacy information. Recalls do happen but they try to post updates on their website. They have a section for skin care, hair care, over the counter meds. Its not complete but it helps.

Grocery Guide

Unfortunately, I have not found a master list b/c products and ingredients change. For me: I found some staple items and then slowly add brand names that I research. I try to stick to easy things that I can remember, example like Make-up: BareMinerals (everything except %100 natural lip stick/gloss). You do have to email the companies now and then to check but it gets easier! Do the best you can and stick with what you know!

Tocopheryl or vitamin E you have to check the source it is derived from. Also watch the genus for wheat is triticum.

There are a number of species including:

Triticum aestivum

triticum aethiopicum

triticum araraticum

triticum boeoticum

triticum carthlicum

triticum compactum

triticum dicoccoides

triticum dicoccon

triticum durum

triticum ispahanicum

triticum karamyschevii

triticum macha

triticum militinae

triticum monococcum

triticum polonicum

triticum spelta

triticum sphaerococcum

triticum timopheevii

triticum turanicum

triticum turgidum

triticum urartu

triticum vavilovii

triticum zhukovskyi

See a pattern if I see Triticum...anything, I avoid.

Carmel Coloring is still debated but I avoid, Natural Flavorings-you have to check what they are, Barley is

"Hordeum vulgare" and "malt" you must watch for barley. Vinegar is ok if it is distilled but not in other forums.

This can all be very overwhelming, you will learn as we all are still learning, use the forums most ppl post up to date information as it happens or research they do!

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