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Confused About Symptons - Need Help!

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I have been feeling bad for well over a year. My symptons have lately increased and I have been going for my doctor for quite some time now with no luck. My symptons at first were IBS-constipation but we have since felt that it is more than that. I have had an autoimmune disorder (currently in remission): Graves disease. So many of my symptons (noted later) made me think it was flaring up again but my Thryoid tests come back fine....I am set to see a GI doc at the end of the month. I had done resaerch on my own and decided to cut out gluten dairy soy and since doing so SOME of my symptons went away but not all. I have since decided to go back on wheat at my doc and this boards suggestion so that I can be properly tested.


Last summer my stomach issues kicked up a notch and I noticed that I was not dropping weight despite a VERY active lifestyle (cycling 11 miles /day, running 5-10 miles other days) etc and eating an incredible healthy diet. It was disoncerting to say the least



constipation - suffered all my life, but in the last couple of years can only go about every 3 days

bloating - the kind that is so uncomfortable you cant stand up and have to call into work

distended stomach - looked like I was 9 months pregant and then some

hot flashes - esp at night..my sheets would be soaked and couldnt sleep(made me think of graves)

During the day I am experiencing hot and cold flashes (again reminded me of graves)

Newer but VERY disconcerting symptons:

1. face is slightly swollen. Not grotesquely but my husband and mother even noticed it looks off (reminded me of graves)

last few days I have noticed oiley stools (havent really looked before so dont know if this is really new)

2. GAINING weight despite healthy/active lifestyle (and no not muscle mass!)

I am at the end of my rope. I know there is much work to be done before I get any conclusive answers but does anyone have any feedback/advice or notice any similarities with their experiences. I am wary of continue on gluten if it is indeed my problem - should I continue to eat it before I see my GI guy?


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It depends how bad you want the testing and diagnosis.

All of your symptoms seem to say you need to quit gluten yesterday.

I had the swollen face too for years.

Just now 5 months into gluten free is all of my swelling and inflammation calming down and my face looks normal.

If you are gonna test, do it quickly so you can go gluten free and see if it helps all of your symptoms that are consistent with Celiac/Gluten Intolerance.

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That is good to hear - i am anxious to get this sorted out. I am just being held up due to the dr's schedule being jam packed - it makes it hard to get to everything quickly! I know this will be a long road :(

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Yes, constipation, night sweats 5 yrs ago, bloating, distention, intestinal discomfort, exhaustion... etc. I gave up on the doctors after 5 yrs of going every few months.. Too many tests for other things came back normal and I wasn't willing to go for blood tests (and eat gluten again) once I started eating gluten free.

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