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How To G-Free Bathroom?

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I am having serious trouble finding (locally / online) products to stock my bathroom - shampoo/conditioner/soaps etc and wonder if anyone has any ideas for me. I would be open to making home rememdies if anyone has any suggestions. I live in Canberra Australia but now think I would buy/make from anywhere/anything to avoid gluten and its many many many many many many many "ingredients by other names".

My latest experiment was with a new Australian product by MooGoo - eczema/dermatitis specific moisturiser and that was a big big whole body itchy experiment. And only just a little on the hand to experiment. My local chemists/pharmacies haven't been any help at all.

Does anyone know or have a list of more than just the common "ingredients" in bathroom products to avoid?

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There are lists posted in this forum..here's an example

scroll down a little

try the google search at the top of this page and type in gluten in cosmetics or gluten-free toiletries, etc.

I wish hey'd just list the ingredients in a way that's understandable!

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