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Transglutaminase / Meat Glue

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Okay, there's a headline on CNN.com about this stuff: http://www.cnn.com/video/data/3.0/video/us/2012/05/22/dnt-tx-meat-glue.ktrk/index.xml

And here's an article:


This about.com article discusses the enzyme itself shouldn't be a problem but the "product" can contain things that may be an issue. http://celiacdisease.about.com/b/2011/04/19/meat-glue-a-threat-or-not.htm

This definitely looks like it can be a problem for milk intolerants since some of the Activa products contain milk protein. And if the maltodextrin is produced with wheat, or if some varieties do contain wheat (sounds like it's used to bind wheat noodles so we wouldn't be eating any of that).

I guess we now need to ask if the meat is "glued" at restaurants and although I already read my meat labels (screen out injected solutions) it looks like I need to dig deeper.


I had no idea they did this....

Am I the only ignorant one out there?

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Gah! The thought of those brown and serve sausages(my hubby loves those) came to mind..hamberger patties..chicken patties. I didn't know this product existed. :o

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First "pink slime", now this.

Not a happy consumer, am I!

Making more and more of my stuff from "fresh"...I get some really great hand-made sausage seasonings (for Italian and breakfast sausage) from a local nursery, as well as ketchup spice blend. Have made a lot of my own tomato sauce from my own tomatoes.

Thinking now about growing my own cow. :ph34r:

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And hey, I see the manufacturer is Ajinomoto which is, I believe I have read on at least one related site, the number one maker of MSG! Awesome! :ph34r:

This might also explain why I was having reactions to store-bought beef, though I've recently tested some 'natural' beef and did o.k. (In the case of beef, if it's labeled 'natural' it's not supposed to contain dyes or other things...) I haven't finished reading the article, but since you mentioned maltodextrin, I've seen it on some of the lists of things to avoid if one is sensitive to sulfites.

Edit: I wanted to link to another article on the topic:


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