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Newby From Uk

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Hi everyone! I was diagnosed as Coeliac in November last year by having biopsies at hospital after a L--O--N--G drawn out and exasperating time. I also have Diabetes, and an under-active thyroid, nerve pain due to spine degeneration, IBS and dairy intolerant. I have managed quite well since going gluten free, but recently my internal 'shakiness' and muscle weakness have returned. (last time the doctor I saw said it was due to very low ferritin levels and given iron to take). I went to see a different doctor this morning who said that low ferritin levels should not have caused this shakiness and asked if I suffered from anxiety :angry: I felt patronised as I know this isn't what caused the problem. She has arranged for me to have blood tests on Wednesday to re-check thyroid, ferritin and vitamin D levels etc.

What I would like to know ... is it normal to have these 'blips' in the first year of being diagnosed? Also have others had problem with muscle weakness? I am very careful what I eat (in UK they do not think inhaling wheat dust or using lipstick products containing wheat should cause a problem, and finding alternatives is very difficult). I feel medicine is more advanced in this field in USA and wondered what others' on the forum's views are?

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