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Has anyone successfully grown garlic indoors?

I would like to start an herb garden indoors. If anyone has experience and/or advice it is greatly appreciated.

Also, what common herbs can be started from seed instead of plant.

I know already that I would like garlic, chives and ummmm, I have no clue about the rest.

Thanks for your responses.

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I have never grown garlic but I have grown several other things. I have always done this outside and they don't always do well because bugs tend to eat them.

Currently I am growing my herbs in a sunny window inside. I have rosemary, oregano, basil and dill growing. You can grow anything that you want. It will all do well. Not sure on the garlic but chives and green onions grow well. I am finding that indoors they are doing better that outside.

Good luck! It's a lot of fun.

Check this out,


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Wow gluten-free, that link is great. My Dining Room has a southern exposure and I have a glass couch table that would be perfect to put in front of the windows.

Do you get seeds at a store like Walmart or other stores or I guess even online.

I can't wait to get this going. I've been collecting pots already.

Thanks gluten-free. I appreciate you answering me. :D

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That sounds like a perfect place to grow your herbs!

I have never used seeds. I buy mine at the nursery already growing. They are pretty inexpensive and easier.

If you want to grow from seed, Lowes and Home Depot have the seed packets. I don't see what that wouldn't work as well.

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