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Newbie- Waiting For Blood Tests Results

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Hi! This is my first time to ever post in a forum, hope i am doing it right.

I am the one who finally asked my doctor to do a Celiac panel after stranger and stranger symptoms over the last 3 years. I have no known family members with Ceiacs but I don't think any of them have ever been tested either. There is however lots of autoimune disease on my mom's side of the family, IBS type symptoms, and everyone has had their gall bladders out.

I was not aware of celiac disease until I kept getting these strange rashes last year and while googling my symptoms Dermatitis Herpetiformis kept coming up and looked very much like my rashes.

Some of the symptoms I have been experiencing.

I will try to make this a short as possible :)

Nausea-typically in the afternoon or evening


Joint pain-hands, knees, left shoulder, neck and hip

Fatigue- at times i feel like if i closed my eyes my haed would roll right off my shoulders

IrritabilityMild anxiety

Increased headachesIrregular bowel habbits- I go from normal to diarrea(or just very loose) to contipation. I have been noticing a need to go but then...nothing, just lots of cramping. A couple of years ago i would experience some bleeding when i went. I think it was do to a fissur(SP?)

Possible DH- last May i broke out back behind my left knee and then in several other locations over the next several months till it setled on my left elbow for 3 months. It returned this April on my elbow and then exploded at the end of May. Doctors didnt know what it was so they put me on steroids. Cleared it up but the day i stopped taking them left elbow flared back up and now i have ithchy blisters on my hands and right elbow as well.

Bloating and indegestion- started when the rashes started

Brain Fog

Innability to consentrate

Tingling and pins and needles-these symptoms started in January and come and go on both sides of my body.

Gallbladder pain-started a couple of months ago

I think that is about it :)

Is Celiacs or Gluten Sensitivity a reasonable thing to suspect?

I do plan to go Gluten free weather the results are positive or negative, just to see.

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