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Feeling Miserable, Would Love Some Imput!

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Hello all!

So I've been having tummy troubles for quite some time... I of course went to my doctor and asked if it 'could' be a gluten issue and he brushed me off and told me I was too old(just turned 30) to be showing symptoms now.

I can only remember having some issues as far back as my late teens/early 20's... Basically I'd get really sluggish and foggy brained after I ate meals with gluten in them and in my early 20's I started having random bouts of diarrhea for no reason I could figure out. This last year or so it seems to be getting worse... I'm so tired all the time, having stomach problems more and more... It's basically get bloating, gas, diarrhea(and sometimes a few days without going at all), just general discomfort and pain in my right side occasionally. I've had every organ checked so far except my ovaries, uterus and have not had any cameras stuck in places they don't belong(shudder). Last year for a time I started randomely breaking out in hives but that stopped awhile ago, I also was diagnosed with arthritis in both my knees two years ago and I have sciactica troubles on my left side.

I'm trying to go gluten free, it's only difficult figuring out where all the hidden gluten is. After the first three days I wasn't nessesarily feeling better(I know it can take months) I was just feeling a little perkier and clearer headed, if that makes sense... But then yesterday my husband got me a gluten free pizza from dominoes. Obviously with eating out, there is always a risk of contamination and today I feel awful, the nausea came back and had loose stools(sorry) several times and lots of abdominal discomfort and the sore throat came back.

So anyways, thoughts, opinions, advise? It would be greatly appreciated as I don't know anyone who has this and apparently do not have a good supportive doctor either.

Also quick question, do any of you get super starving if you get glutened and after you get diarrhea?

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Dominos isn't gluten-free enough for celiacs... sorry you aren't feeling well now.

I was diagnosed at 38, and I've had stomach issues forever. Nothing horrendous, but enough for me to have not felt well and have pain... often. You are definitely not too old. I would get tested for celiac as soon as you can since you must continue to eat gluten for an accurate test.

Get some books on celiac and read up on it (Green's book was great for me), or go through past posts here. There is a wealth of information on how to eat gluten-free. Once you go through all the labels once, and toss your old soy, worchestershire, teriyaki and some barbque sauces, the cooking becomes easier. I'm only into gluten-free eating for two months and it's become really easy already. Hang in there.

I was waaaayyyy hungrier when I was undiagnosed. I got the shakes if I didn't eat every 2-3 hours. My appetite has dropped a bunch now. Hugely. I forgot to eat for about 8 hours the other day by accident... that NEVER would have happened when I was undiagnosed.

Best wishes.

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Is it possible to have a similiar reaction to something starchy that is gluten free before your gut is healed up? Had a few gluten free cookies and boy am I paying for it, bloated and had some stomach acids coming up my throat.

But yes this site has a lot of useful information, I read that I should be eating only whole foods right now... I'll admit that a lot of my diet is/was processed food, I rarely ate fruits and veggies so I am having difficulty figuring out what I can and can't eat right now. I'm not sad about it though, if this is what I have and all I have to do is eat a certain way to feel better and finally get relief from years of suffering... Well nothing to be sad about that. :)

I'm going to a different doctor tomorrow to discuss maybe getting the blood test done, since it's only been a few days since I've tried to stop eating gluten and still don't feel good at all, should I try eating something gluten tonight? I really, really don't want to though, lol.

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