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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Going To Start A Low/no Fodmap Diet

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Hi all. I'm about to start a low/no FODMAP diet tomorrow. (I wanted to eat up the Brussels sprouts and zucchini I had just bought first.) I am thinking of doing ZERO high fodmaps for a couple weeks, then adding each family in one at a time. Is that reasonable? I don't have the books and my library does not have them either, but I do have a list of foods that should be limited and those that are allowed.

I already don't do gluten (obviously), soy, sugar, garlic (bloats me), dried fruit (stinks me right up), dairy...and I eat very little grains. Rice makes my teeth hurt (demineralization?). Corn actually works okay for me as a grain, so I might go with that if potatoes start to make me crazy.

Symptoms are not severe, just bloating and gas. Those were always my main problems, along with C, and the bloat has only ever gone away on the body ecology diet (which is very hard to maintain) ... so I think the low sugars might be key.

Anyway, any advice would be welcomed.


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I started FODMAP 2 months ago and love it. I was tested to be lactose intolerant and fructose intolerant. I was having a severe onion reaction when I saw the Dr so fructans was also dxed. I know I react to sorbitols.

Please check Sue's info re to dairy. Lactose free is re to FODMAP and this means that you can eat hard cheese, butter and cream and also may be able to tolerate small amounts of milk. A lot of people get this wrong and being able to eat cheese etc is an important thing. Dairy free may not be necessary unless you have a casein intolerance ( which is not FODMAP)

And take note of how small amounts of the intolerance may be suitable. Sue actually advises NOT to totally eliminate all intolerances but to simply learn better ways to manage them. Fructose for eg ( an apple) may be OK if combined with glucose as then the glucose molecule helps break down the fructose molecule in the gut. So apple pie may be OK ( with cream ! ) but an apple on its own may not be.

Everyone has different mileage. And in time there is some healing so the goal posts may move.

This is Sue Shepherd's page. http://shepherdworks.com.au/disease-information/low-fodmap-diet


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Thanks so much. I don't do dairy now as even the smallest bit of it makes me have constipation for days. Also, I'm mostly vegan so it fits well with my other dietary philosophy. And lastly, I don't even miss cheese that much. Thanks for letting me know that though - I know lots of folks struggle with the dairy thing and wish like crazy they could eat it. Once I stabilize, I'll take note of which dairy I can eat on low FODMAP and try it out if the situation seems right.

I'll check out that website. Thanks.



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Well, started out nicely. Quit all the high fodmap foods and the bloating and passing of gas did diminish greatly. Then one day I decided that salsa didn't have anything I couldn't eat (I'm having a bad case of anemia right now and its affecting my brain capacity) so I ate some. About 20 chips into it I'm like, "wait, that's onion". Next day, bloat city. Anyway, I'm still going to try to add back onion separately in a couple weeks.

On the anemia note, ate some steak today - first time in two years. At first it felt like a rock in my stomach, but I feel okay now. I need to find my digestive enzymes ... they're around here somewhere.


I'll post if anything interesting happens.


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    • I am not so sure about taking Betaine HCL if you have too much acid production.  You are countering with PPI's but if it were me, I would go to a really good digestive enzyme.  I used them for quite awhile after diagnosis and they are more specific than Betaine.....they include the enzymes which help digest protein, carbs, etc. I had the same problem as you, only not as severe.  I would get physically sick after eating harder to digest foods, like meat or fats.  You could use Bromelain also as it's pretty tame compared to Betaine but you need digestive enzymes and go slow on the heavier foods right now. Baby steps......
    • Ah ... so that's why I've got a sweet tooth! Now I understand! Oddly enough I don't drink, smoke, do drugs or eat fast food either (although I did have a Gourmet Kitchen Burger the other day - did you know they did gluten-free? It was amazing!) So before I leave the doughnut question behind I'd just like to say, if a food manufacturer is reading this, please take note - there is a hole in the UK Doughnut market.   
    • Ah to hell with it. Most of the time these days I'm super good. I have so few vices now. I don't drink, smoke, explore the cosmic depths within my soul via chemical enhancements or eat fast food.  God I'm boring. The way I look at it the odd frozen gateaux or cheesecake is owed to me for all this forbearance. Besides we have an excuse for slipping below the standards of our American cousins. We sent all the puritans across the pond on the Mayflower leaving our island stuffed with hedonists and gluttons. Can we really be blamed for the odd sugary overindulgence? Living on an island of perpetual rain whilst they sun themselves in Florida or California? I think not!     
    • That's such a great idea. I'm all for buying locally. I only thought I might find a nut tree in a forest or something, lol. Like you do. But I'll search online for local farms that might have some, or ask at the local markets. That sounds kind of fun & could lead to finding other local stuff that maybe I could eat. Thanks!
    • That's a cute way of upping her iron intake   You can get a similar affect by cooking with cast iron pots: http://universityhealthnews.com/daily/energy/use-cast-iron-cookware-as-an-iron-deficiency-treatment/  so you could look for a couple of those if the fish ever swims off  
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