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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Don't Know What It Could Be Then?

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I posted a few days ago about a possible yeast problem...

SInce April of this year, I have been poked and prodded by 4 different doctors, racked up thousands in medical bills and just been sick for what seems, forever. Since 1997, I have been diagnosed with "IBS" and I just lived with it until I started feeling other things like migranes and dizziness, that is where the new drs came in. Initially, I was deficient in vitamin D and Iron, which is why they suspected Celiac. ALl tests came back negative, but with my IGA deficiency, IBS, immune problems, thyroid and all my other symptoms, my Dr was willing enough to say I had Celiac DIsease and to go gluten-free. Prior to the "diagnosis" they put me on vitamin supplements and before even going gluten-free, my levels were all back up.

Well, It has been 2 months, and while my IBS has seemed to settle (FINALLY!), everything else is the same. Nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, heart palpatations, foggy head. Always after I eat, and it can happen randomly. Doesnt always happen WHEN I eat, but when it does, it is after I eat. Could be an apple, could be a gluten-free sandwich, could be some chips, could be scrambled eggs. I just never know.

I thought it was yeast, then I thought it was sugar, caffeine, salt, dairy.

So, 2 days ago, after being exclusively gluten free, I started eating it again to see what happened. The first day, I ate a bagel and a muffin. Nothing happened. Yesterday, I ate crackers and cheese. Nothing happened. this morning, I ate a muffin. Nothing. I am waiting and waiting....but I have been feeling fine.

Because my tests were all negative anyway, and my vitamin levels went back up on supplements before even going gluten-free and because I am not having reactions, I am thinking maybe I do not have celiac disease after all. I can't deal with any more doctors or medical bills, and I am thinking it is time for experimentation. I just don't even know how to begin. There is no denying that going gluten-free seemed to help my digestive system, I just want all of the other problems to stop too :(


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I wonder if you could have an intestinal issue that could be caused by sugar, other grains, or a combination of celiac and something else? However, when you ate foods with gluten and had no reaction, and based on the fact that you were diagnosed based on deficiencies rather than blood or biopsy confirmation, maybe you don't have celiac. That's a pretty good challenge to eat that stuff and the fact that it didn't make you sick-er is really a positive because celiac causes damage. Biggest concern to me would be if you had an internal reaction to gluten but didn't feel it. That would be troubling because you'd never really know when you were glutened.

It's troubling for sure. From the surface of it and with medical tests unable to confirm celiac, it does sound a bit like an allergy to something rather than intolerance or celiac disease. Have you begun to isolate foods and reintroduce them slowly to see what causes a reaction? You'd need a journal to accurately track what you ate and what the ingredients were, but that could possibly give you some insight without further medical bills.


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Thank you, no I havent begun to isolate, but I think that is my next step. My primary was so sure it was Celiac that I guess I jumped on that idea too because it would be so easy to explain. I think I have a big process ahead of me :(


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Please read this article and the study linked in it. This new research (2012) shows 2 possible additional gluten related conditions exist in addition to celiac disease. They are newly identified and don't show up on celiac disease testing. The symptoms can be very similar though.

Non-celiac wheat sensitivity article



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    • If I am in a bar and it is super busy, I ask for a "to go" cup.  Why?  If a dishwasher is not being used (or demand is overwhelming it), bartenders are cleaning all the glasses the old fashioned way ( sinks, wash and rinse with disinfectant).  Good for killing bacteria I suppose, but maybe not for removing gluten traces.   No bar is going to slow down drink orders ($$$$$)  to wait for clean glasses from the dishwasher!   Is this all true?  I can not say.  I am just speaking from experience when I was barmaid 30 years ago before there were dedicated bar dishwashers.   http://www.servicethatsells.com/blog/how-to-clean-a-beer-glass/ Even if this is "all in my head", I feel better clutching my "to go" cup and can relax.  😊
    • Check out this page and the advice on rice prep: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/2F1MDzyW55pg97Tdpp7gqLN/should-i-be-concerned-about-arsenic-in-my-rice  
    • Hi Rachel and welcome I think you've found the single best site on the web for help and advice. Hope it's of use to you. I tested negative for celiac so no referral. My experience with NHS however suggests it could be worth phoning your Gastro's office and asking the admin staff there to check on this. Things get overlooked... I would avoid anything with those warnings on. It's a pain in the arse because, for example, it recently appeared on a brand of nuts I like. However having some experience of production and marketing environments that warning will only be going on the pack if someone in the company thinks there's a chance of contamination. There's always other products to choose from so I don't take the chance.  Walkers crisps have given me a reaction, yes even the sodding ready salted ones  It's something to do with their production processes. I think Gary Lineker may dance through the factory each week spreading handfuls of flour for good luck. Whatever, I now avoid them.  My energy levels improved over a few months after the diet. It took longer the second time after my challenge. I was still noticing improvements / weird resolutions of odd symptoms up to 9 months to a year later... Lots of good advice here: All the best! Matt  
    • Ah.... Settles back, dons funny hat, smokes pipe, plays violin, injects heroin etc... I think you need to treat yourself as your own science experiment. If you're ok at home with all of the drinks then you can almost certainly rule out alcohol intolerance and thank your bodies burgeoning super coeliac powers of gluten detection for the reaction. Clearly your powers have grown in the past five years young jedi... In which case maybe there's a drink you can order which would reduce this risk, maybe asking for the bottle and a clean glass, forgoing ice, straws etc, anything to simplify matters and reduce the number of contaminant variables.  One thing I'd avoid would be 'mixers' from the shared line. Not because there's gluten filled drinks going through them, typically its just coke, lemonade and soda water, but because the nozzle sometimes dips into the drink that's being filled. Paranoid? Maybe, but I avoid them now and pay the extra for a bottle.  A word on glasses. Most bars have a dedicated glass washer and they're good, to a point. I've worked behind a bar in the past and the washers are only on for a very short time, they can run up to 35 times an hour... I've seen lipstick on glasses from them and whilst the chances of contamination are probably slight... Now if you're out for a night at different places, it will be very hard to work out where its happening. So my suggestion is to go out to one bar only and pick a decent one. Speak to a bartender or manager, explain to them just what a special snowflake you are   and get one definitely clean glass at the outset then keep it for the evening and just get it refilled. Pick one drink only and stick to it. I'd suggest wine as maybe its easier on the stomach than the bubbly prosecco and you can get the little bottles without any chance of contamination but that may be nonsense See what happens... If you're ok, then you have an answer. You've become more sensitive and your reacting to trace gluten. *removes funny hat, discards pipe, hides syringe...      
    • This seems odd.  No SIGNIFICANT villous blunting.  Was there mild villous blunting?  Increased intraepithelial lymphocytes?
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