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  1. I was tested twice for Celiac and told that the test results indicated that I did not have Celiac Disease. However, I did have all the symptoms. Spoke to a specialist, and he said that I should write down all of my symptoms, and give this list to another person, so I cannot see it. I was then told...
  2. I have gone gluten free for several years, and many of the symptoms are still with me, and never went away. I found that the gluten never totally left my body. Doctors told me that they had no answer. The reason that I know the gluten is still in me is that it is still. very slowly, leaving me.
  3. Restaurants buy products, labeled gluten free, and they aren't quite.
  4. I looked up the FDA regulations on a gluten free label, and they do not require that gluten be totally gone in order to be gluten free. It is a very low amount of gluten, but if you are very sensitive, it might hurt you.
  5. I am sorry. I am from Italy, where they test for this. I thought that they did this here.
  6. I will tell you this much. If a restaurant has been determined to be gluten free by passing government testing, you cannot trust it. If they are tested and found to be very low gluten, they will then be rated as gluten free. That is a serious problem that Celiacs go through. I don't have an...
  7. My name is Chris, and I live in Fullerton, and I am always looking to exchange with other Celiacs.
  8. If you are in need of checking out work-at-home possibilities, get back to me and I can introduce you to what I am involved in, and you can decide if it is for you..Contact me on Facebook or my e-mail, which is in my profile.


  9. Try your best to stay on a career path that you want to do. If you are Celiac, you will probably have changes to you life, but you can probably maintain the same career path, but in a different way. I liked working with people, and helping people, but because of the Celiac, I didn't have the strength...
  10. I have been gluten-free for over 5 years, and my intestines are no longer damaged.
  11. All I can say is that is what happened to me. If you don't have dry eyes or dry mouth, then maybe that isn't your problem
  12. I had been gluten free for several years, and had headaches, dry eyes, and dry scalp. I found that the supplements that I was taking were not being absorbed by my body. Less than 50 % was being absorbed. The amount of the vitamins that was not being absorbed was going into my liver. When that...
  13. After it was discovered that I was Celiac and went on a gluten-free diest, I never slept more that 2-3 hours without waking up, and then I was often perspiring. I spoke to another celiac who recommended taking supplements that included Vitamins B12 and D. This helped greatly with my sleep. However...
  14. I have been gluten-free for several years. However, there is one symptom which shows up if I ever accidently eat any gluten. In less that 2 minutes, I become severely bloated. If that ever happens, I immediately stop what I am eating.
  15. I have never heard of coffee doing that. I would not be able to get by without my coffee. I did find that lactose did that to me along with being Celiac, so I had to eliminate the lactose with the coffee.