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Cheese Again

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Posted 10 March 2013 - 12:54 PM

I am 3.5 months gluten free and I can't have dairy :( I was still eating dairy until this past week but I was still sick all the time. Then I finally decided to bite the bullet and get rid of dairy and my stomach bloat, gas, and diarrhea has gone away. So I am going to do dairy free for 6 months and then try introducing small amounts again. I don't know what in the world we are supposed to eat when we can't have gluten or dairy!

I understand your pain!! I am dairy and gluten free. And corn free (almost worse than gluten cos it's everywhere and in everything)... Caffeine free, citrus free, egg free, processed free. Also asthmatically allergic to dates, quinoa, seeds... Paprika, celery gives me hives... Etc etc, so on and on. It's a nightmare. But it's doable as Irish heart says and knows. I have found the easiest way is to not make food the centre of your life... Easier than it seems. But I just realised the other day how good my skin is looking from all the green juice breakfasts I've been having...
I do get baaaaad cravings sometimes for a nice bit of cheese. Ugh!! Oh well. As long as I live to see my son grow up ANYTHING is worth it!
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Diagnosed Celiac Oct 2012 (Blood and Biopsy)
Gluten free / Dairy free / Caffeine / Almost sugar free / Tobacco free 2012. Corn free 2013
Vegetarian since 1986 / Asthmatic since 1990 / Migraines since 1998


Symptoms: Classical GI symptoms. Fibromyalgia. Odd pains. Bone aches. Severe headaches. Severe depression. Anxiety. Diagnosed with severe anaemia. Severe Vit D deficiency. Boderline Folate & B12 Defiency.


Since being gluten free... initially felt better for a month, still suffer with loose bowels, am currently struggling with many more allergies and intolerances to foods, such as dairy, egg, celery, oranges, tomatoes, quinoa, seeds,... Pressure hives (from Feb 2013) / Having bad leg aches during periods (June 2013)

(Marked in bold, these problems have been resolved)

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Posted 11 March 2013 - 09:12 AM

Some doctor's (and savvy celiacs) recommend going dairy free at the beginning because your vili are still healing, making it hard to digest dairy. Dairy won't cause additional damage. (Wow, some "doctors"...)


I didn't go dairy-free until a couple years after gluten-free (and held out as long as possible). I seem to be able to handle very small (a nibble) of aged/hard cheese on occasion, and a little bit of butter as long as i overdose on enzymes. I'm holding out hope that I'll be able to tolerate more cheese at some point. That's the one thing I really can't replace.


As for eating dairy free, I use almond milk for coffee/cereal. Coconut milk is a great cream substitute. I can't do soy either (which is even worse to avoid than gluten, I swear!), but if you can, then there's a bigger selection of non-dairy products out there.

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~ Be a light unto yourself. ~ - The Buddha

- Gluten-free since March 2009 (not officially diagnosed, but most likely Celiac). Symptoms have greatly improved or disappeared since.
- Soy intolerant. Dairy free (likely casein intolerant). Problems with eggs, quinoa, brown rice

- mild gastritis seen on endoscopy Oct 2012. Not sure if healed or not.
- Family members with Celiac: Mother, sister, aunt on mother's side, aunt and uncle on father's side, more being diagnosed every year.

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