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Not Sure What To Do.

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You guys are awesome! Thank you all for the great advice and humor! I loved it all!

I've been ok actually. A lot better than I expected. Not sure what curbed the effects, but I definitely wasn't slammed as hard as I expected with a reaction. Of course things are a little "off", but I guess I'm sort of used to that.

How interesting about the l-glutamine and charcoal! I will have to pick those up "to add to my arsenal" as my mom says. Also interesting idea about scotch! Mom did suggest a hot toddy... ( warm water or tea with lemon and scotch) and I laughed at her. Now thinking about it, that might be a great idea!

Thank you again, and I'm so glad that others seem to have found this useful to start their own "arsenals" for combating a reaction!


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whisky, water, lemon. Best drink for the stomach, I've found. Bartenders usually look at me funny when I order it, but I know what I want, dang it!

I'm going to check into these charcoal capsules too. Is the idea that they soak up the crap that's trying to hurt you?

I've tried nettle tea a few times, but don't feel it makes a difference.


Anyway, glad you're not feeling too cruddy, Juanitaboy, and get better soon!


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I'm going to check into these charcoal capsules too. Is the idea that they soak up the crap that's trying to hurt you?




I cut and pasted this for you: :)


Activated charcoal can  absorb digestive gases, especially in the lower intestine, and thus help to relieve flatulence and gas pains. Activated charcoal may help to lower cholesterol by interfering with enterohepatic circulation of bile acids. It has been found to lower total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.

Activated Charcoal is mostly used for:

  • Adsorbing digestive gases
  • Detoxification
  • Bloating and gas
  • Malodorous gas
  • High cholesterol

Activated Charcoal is known to be one of the finest natural absorbent agents and it is most commonly used to absorb digestive gas. Each particle in Activated Charcoal contains many small chambers and cavities that bind-up unwanted material or gas.

What is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal is type of carbon made from wood, vegetables and other materials. It looks like a fine black powder. Activated charcoal is believed to have a large absorptive capacity, making it able to bind with unwanted substances and toxins in the gut.




These are the kind I buy:  Country Life (certified G F)


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    • I eat them with no issues and know several other Celiacs that eat them with no issue.
    • I am sorry that you are sick! i think you need to really adhere to a gluten free diet that consists of ONLY whole foods (no processed gluten-free foods) and do not go out to eat, until you start to see improvement.  Each tiny gluten exposure can set you back.  It sounds like you really became even more ill after the gluten challenge.   I was just anemic when diagnosed.  I waited seven weeks for my endoscopy due to work issues, so i took the time to consume lots of gluten.  Like a loaf of sourdough per day not to mention all the cakes, cookies that I loved.  (Okay, I just ate a few out of each package......)  by the end of seven weeks, I knew I had celiac disease.  I had a bloated stomach visible under my left rib cage, pinching when I bent over, indigestion, etc.  Not to mention some weird Fibro pain my my shoulders, tingly legs, etc.   Most resolved, but it took about two years. If you  ask for thyroid panel, be sure it includes testing for thyroid antibodies.   
    • My daughter, who is almost 21 and has celiac disease, was diagnosed with Epilepsy a year ago. Hindsight being 20/20, we realized she had been having seizure since she was a teenager but the random passing out and feelings of being 'out of it' were attributed to dehydration or poor nutrition and sleep habits during numerous trips to the emergency room. In our reading about Epilepsy, I have found some mention of celiac and gluten issue connections and even where a strict adherence to a gluten-free diet provided a lot of improve the with frequency and severity of seizures.  I would be interested to know if anyone else shares this experience.
    • I have also reacted to various Planters products, believing them to be safe because gluten is not listed in the allergens but have had almost identical reactions to yours.  It did not occur to me that I might be getting zapped from them until just recently when I ate some of their Salt and Vinegar almonds and became really ill and then recognized that I had reacted to them before. I have notice in the past few months that the 'Hermans' brand nuts, which have never mentioned wheat in their allergens now carries the 'processed in a plant that processes wheat' disclaimer.  It makes me wonder if all nuts are processed in the same manner and if all nuts and nut products should be considered unsafe? I know that I will not trust the Planters brand any longer regardless of whether wheat is listed or not.
    • I've heard some people say that they're gluten free, and some say they're not.. I had a container of planter's cashews that I ate a few days ago and I haven't been feeling that great since then. I thought I was fine, but yesterday I woke up with a headache and was feeling really gassy all day. Then since last night, every once in a while I'll have some stomach cramps. They last for a few minutes and then go away.. that has happened 3 or 4 times since last night. It seems weird that I wouldn't have a reaction right away though.. or at least within a few hours of eating them. I ate some on thursday and on friday, and I didn't really start to feel sick until saturday. It's been a while since I last got glutened though, so maybe my reaction has changed? Or maybe I'm being paranoid and I just ate too many cashews haha. But that's the only thing I've eaten in the past like 2 weeks that was different. Has anyone else had a problem with planter's nuts?
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