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Regular Vegetables Vs. Organic Vegetables?

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Hi All -


When I first had to go gluten-free almost two months ago - vegetables didn't bother me.  I love to eat salads.  However since I've been gluten free, raw or cooked vegetables and especially bagged lettuce is bothering me a lot.  I know the lettuce is sprayed with a preservative that has corn in it and I did find out that I have a corn aversion. they spray the same stuff on fruits/veggies????  Just the ones in the produce section at the grocery store - not the bagged ones.  Because what is weird is all of a sudden, the past couple of weeks, veggies are now bothering me a lot.  I bloat immediately and have the heavy feeling in my stomach and all of that.  It's not like eating gluten but similar.  Pretty much the same as what happens when I ingest corn.  So - what is going on?  Why am I all of a sudden having trouble with the veggies.  Does this mean that I have to buy ALL ORGANIC EVERYTHING???

I want to know, if anyone can help, why this is happening and what are they sprayed with.  ??  Also - I'm not sure but am I becoming more sensitive to things...the longer gluten is out of my system??

I'm confused - please help!!!!

I had asparagus for dinner tonight, it wasn't organic, and I bloated right away, and the heaviness.....



Thanks All



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Random question... do you rinse stuff after buying it?


Take a sink full of water and add some white vinegar to it (I can't remember the measurements). This will make a wash that will clean any veggies/fruit really well.


However, i am not sure if white vinegar is made from corn.


Same principle with this one as well:


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Yes - I rinse everything VERY well.  I wash it for a long time.  I also had brown rice with it - do you think that could be it?


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I had to go completely organic for a while at first. Pesticides, chemical fertilizers, whatever it was, it was bothering me because I hadn't healed and my immune system was reacting to almost everything. After a few months I was able to go back to grocery store produce, but I still buy organic whenever possible. I just can't see the sense in eating fruits and veggies that have been gassed, waxed, chemically fertilized, sprayed with poison, or otherwise adulterated. Organic is more expensive but to me it is worth it.


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    • I thought I would update you all.  I started to eat gluten shortly after this post.  I was miserable by the time I had my EGD.  The doctor gave a diagnosis after the EGD was completed, duodenitis, gastritis and hiatal hernia.  I had abnormal mucosa of the whole stomach and severe inflammation.  The biopsy results came back today, they stated early stages celiac disease.  I wonder what it would've shown if I wasn't on a gluten free diet for two years?  My doctor said he still wants me to come in for a talk, he doesn't really know if he should call it celiac disease since it's early stages....  WTH!  I've really got to find a doctor that specializes in Celiac Disease...    
    • thank you for the info, its very helpful to hear from someone else who has it and knows a lot about it. When you say I may be eliminating one problem vs 3, what would you think the other problems could be? It's frustrating because I even buy Uldis gluten-free bagels and what not and I still find myself reacting sometimes to that, I don't use butter but just gluten-free peanut butter, but like I said I don't know for sure if its from that or maybe something else. I have read on this site about a couple others that have had issues with uldis breads so could be that. but like you said I guess it can also just take awhile to get better. I read the other day that a lot of throwing up can put stress on your small intestine which can maybe cause your body to react to dairy, do you know anything about that or if that's true?
    • Thanks for the reply!  Yeah, I really should have gotten testing done before the elimination diet.  I had asked my previous doctor, but she didn't want to do it.  I was transitioning to a new insurance and couldn't get a doctor's appointment for awhile, so I thought I would just do the elimination diet.  After all, it might not have been gluten.  (<--that was my thought process...) Hindsight is 20/20.  I felt pretty good during those 3 weeks gluten free, and was not expecting how bad it would be when I added it back in.  Anyway, I found a new doctor and I think she would totally be willing to test me again 9 weeks out. I think she would also be willing to order the endoscopy if I brought her research and really pushed for it. Now that I know how good feeling good feels... I just can't see staying on gluten for another 9 weeks.  I honestly don't know how I would survive.  Even if it's not Celiac, and it's ONLY the wheat allergy... it's making my life absolutely miserable. Thanks again for the reply!  I think I'll go in Friday for the blood test and take it from there.
    • Hi Alok, I suggest not eating any soy.  Soy is one of the top 8 food allergens in the USA.  Soy has other things about it that are not helpful to us.  Plus it is often sprayed with pesticides that are not so great for people.  Maybe you can try some other food for a while?  Also it might help to wash all your vegetables before using them. Just some ideas, I hope they help.
    • What she said!     The antibody panel is an important part of follow-up!
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