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Do I Have Celiac?

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Weird mish mash of questions, so bear with me please. I don't remember when sx started, first bad sx started in 2007 around my daughter's first birthday. Went gluten-free, easy enough as we were doing a gluten-free trial for my son then too (3 of my 5 kids have had wheat issues in infancy/toddlerhood) sx went away. Came back randomly, dx with IBS in 2009 and it went on for weeks. Had had blood work in early 2008 for Celiac, but have no idea what they tested for or what the results were other than they said negative. Have done on and off wheat free (they could handle oats) diet from 2005-2010. My father has worsening Crohn's and aunt has Fibro. Seem to have a strong hx of gastro issues as well as allergy issues in my own children.


Had gallbladder issues in 12/2012. Saw GI 1/13 who recommended scope as he wasn't sure based on my sx it was gallbladder, or at least that wasn't all of it. Ended up having gallbladder removed 2/13, 5 days before scheduled scope. Ended up having scope 5/14 showing moderate damage to stomach lining and intestines leaning towards Celiac. Followed it up with tTG testing and was told it was negative and I did not have Celiac. I decided to go gluten free anyways last June and haven't looked back. I can tell a marked difference when I accidentally have gluten now. Things I lived for for years that I didn't think twice about until I stopped gluten. Anyways, tTG was 5. I don't know if I've had any other blood work besides that or not, the anti-gliadin etc. 


All of that, would you feel comfortable saying Celiac is the diagnosis? What about the kids, at least the older ones. They are 11, 9, 7, 5, and almost 2. Talk to their ped about testing via blood? I read there's a University of Chicago link I should check, correct? Is there a difference in testing them if I'm not Celiac vs just sensitive? I'm assuming so.


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It sounds like you have Celiac.

You can ask the doctor for copies of all your labs. It is important to keep track of them.

Talk to your Ped about your endo results and improvement with the gluten-free diet. Perhaps test only those kids with symptoms to start?

Anemia was my only symptom for celiac disease. My husband is not diagnosed formerly and has been gluten-free for 13 years. We did not test my daughter until we were sure the Affordable Healthcare Act was really in place since we are self-employed and did not need her to be uninsurable, like I was. She had no symptoms, no anemia and her CDs tests were negative. She will get re-tested every few years. So, there is no huge rush to test your kids if they do not have symptoms.


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I just realized my GI now has a patient portal so I can I have access to my past blood work. I just signed up and sent a message to add my past blood work on there so I can see what I've been tested for and the results. Is it worth doing the gene testing on myself and the children? I have 2 kids I am more concerned about than the others.


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The gene test is a good tool used to rule out celiac disease when celiac disease blood tests or biopsies are inconclusive. Some 30% of folks carry the genes, but only a small amount (less than 1%??) develop celiac disease. You can see that just the gene test is not very helpful.


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    • Anxiously waiting
      Thanks heaps. I will def be going private if the wait is too long. I have done a little research but i thought a gluten intolerance and coeliac was the same lol. My iron levels are just below average apparently but she said not bad enough for me to be this tired.
    • How effective is HD skin biopsy after being gluten free for a year
      DH is celiac disease that appears on the skin (gluten triggered).  It does not appear when you are consuming dairy, which sounds like a separate issue for you.   A DH biopsy requires active lesions (new/fresh) from consuming gluten.  So, if you want to be tested via a skin biopsy you must go back on gluten.  Finding a dermatologist who knows exactly how to biopsy for DH is often difficult.  Be sure your Derm is knowledable and has biopsied for DH before. Why no endoscopy for now?  I bet your GI  knows that your insurance will deny the endoscopy.  After all, you tested negative to the blood panel.  Your GI should not even ordered the blood panel knowing that you had been gluten free for months.  You have to be consuming gluten daily for 8 to 12 weeks for the blood test to be accurate.   Did you ever test positive?  Why did your primary diagnose you?  Having the gene just means you can develop celiac disease.  Some 30% of the population carries the genes.  The gene test should only be used to help rule out celiac disease.  
    • How effective is HD skin biopsy after being gluten free for a year
      No one can say exactly how long you might be able to get a positive dh biopsy after having been gluten free as long as you have been. The Chicago Celiac Disease Center says this: You said you had a flare of the plaque psoriasis -- that is NOT dh so why do you think the dh biopsy will show positive? Testing positive for the celiac genes does not mean you have celiac disease. 30+% of the population have the celiac genes but only very, very small fraction of those people do or will present with celiac disease. The gene tests are only used to rule OUT celiac NOT to diagnose it. Frankly, I can understand why your GI does not put any stock in your Primary doc's thinking you have celiac disease. A positive celiac gene and the boils in your armpits which the GI never saw and were never biopsied for dh but they resolved on a gluten free diet and so did your plaque psoriasis. That's all the GI has to go on. I don't know why you are pushing an endoscopy. If you've been eating strictly gluten free then an endoscopic biopsy for celiac will be negative.  Your PCP should have done a celiac blood panel on you back when you were still eating gluten rather than dx you based on the celiac gene you tested positive for.
    • How effective is HD skin biopsy after being gluten free for a year
      I've been gluten free for a year now and my gastro wants to wait for the endocopy until I'm eligible for the colonoscopy when I turn 50 later this year. I don't think she believes I have celiac, even though I tested positive for one of the genes associated with celiac and my primary has diagnosed me as having celiac. The gluten sensitivity blood tests came back negative, of course, since I was gluten free for 9 months at that time. Why is she waiting? At any rate, My digestive system has improved greatly, but when I reintroduced non fat Greek yogurt in my diet, the plaques psoriasis returned on my elbows. My primary believes it is dermatitis herpetiformis (as well as I, since before going gluten free, I used to get boils in my armpits) and I'm scheduled for a skin biopsy in 3 weeks. However, I eliminated dairy from my diet 4 weeks ago and the plaques psoriasis is healing like it did when I eliminated gluten from my diet a year ago. If the scar is reduced to eczema, does that mean there still are IGA deposits in my skin? I don't want to resume dairy since I experienced a cross reaction to the casein in cheese and found lactose was on that same list. So my question is, how long do the granular IGA deposits remain in the skin in order to have a valid skin biopsy test performed for dermatitis herpetiformis? Since it takes 1-2 years for dermatitis herpetiformis to heal on a gluten free diet and I just had a recent flare up, can I continue on my dairy free diet or should I resume eating non fat Greek yogurt for the next 3 weeks just for this skin biopsy?
    • Celiac Night Vision
      Thanks Cristiana. It was Mistyx7 and night driving. Migraine type is very personal but does not appear to be closely connected to celiac or my peculiar scotomas. If you think going gluten-free has improved it that deserves a separate topic!
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