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Japanese Hibachi, Can I Eat There Safely?

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I was thinking of asking for a private room/table and bringing my on gluten free tamari. i think the soup i have to avoid- and most likely the salad since i am sure their ginger dressing had gluten-soy sauce, but the filet and fried rice with my tamari should be fine right?

any tips to help me pull this off, if its possible are appreaciated.

I have triumph cards on the way, but am anxious to go. we were twice a week regulars and im in withdrawels <_<


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You dining cards should be a great help.

With the two restaurants in our small town, duh, that's not one of them, so not too much help from me.

Try going during a non hectic time and discuss your options with the manager. Often, they are very helpful. But, as you know, outside of your own kitchen, there is always a risk. <_<

Shushi, with your own tamari, sounds good.

I hope that you can find something wonderful. :) And if you do, please share.


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I've had great success a few times at a local hibachi place by me using my triumph dining cards.

I bring my San-J Wheat Free Tamari, give them my dining card and ask them to make my food in the back with a clean pan and clean utensils.

I sit at the hibachi table with everyone else, and they just bring my food out to me.

My favorite thing to get is the hibachi steak and shrimp and the fried rice.

Unfortunately, as you thought you can't have the soup or salad (atleast not with the ginger dressing. They usually bring me oil and vinegar). But I love going!!


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i also went to a hibachi place near me and I also had success. i did the same thing as jkmunchkin. They made my food in the back with my soy sauce. It was really good. i got the hibachi chicken with fried rice. It was amazing!!!!!


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