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I was poking through my favorites today and thought it would be a cool idea to compile all our links into a thread. This would be helpful for newbies and I'm sure we'd all find some good ones that we hadn't seen before:

Eating Out

Burger King nutritional information

McDonalds USA gluten-free list

Gluten-free Restaurant Awareness Program

Outback Steakhouse -- on the left, there is an option for a gluten-free menu.

PF Changs gluten-free Menu


Dairy Queen -- gluten-free

gluten-free Lists

Hormel gluten-free Products

FritoLays Nutrition Lists -- options for gluten-free lists, gluten-free and cf lists, low-fat, no cottonseed, etc.

Edys gluten-free products (also search for products not containing common allergens)

Gluten-free Drugs/Medications

Online Shopping & gluten-free Products

Amy's Kitchen: natural and organic foods


The Gluten-free Pantry



Foods By George

Gluten Free Mall


Vendor Information

Bob's Red Mill

Miss Roben

Pamela's Products

Tinkyada Rice Pasta

Message Boards Message Board

Old Message Board (inactive, but a good resource)

Yahoo Groups: USA Silly Yaks

Delphi Forums Celiac Message Board

Celiac Forums


Clan Thompson's Celiac Site

Links section at USA Silly-Yaks support group

Celiac Support Groups in USA

Information on Diagnostic Testing and Celiac

Living Without Magazine

Recipes from Tiffany (tarnalberry) -- on our board :)

Celiac Sprue Association -- one of the greatest resources on the internet in my opinion!

Restaurant Cards in different languages


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My list is already on here somewhere I believe......

-Jessica :rolleyes:


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Oh yeah-- I remember you posted one a long time, if only I could remember where--I'll run a search and see if I can find the thread.


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What a great idea you had to post those links, and I know it had to take time to add all those you contributed. THANK YOU! I notice at the end of your post that you are still having persistent symptoms. Do you mind my asking what that is about? I did continue to have trouble too until I discovered all the foods and additives that bothered me. Maybe I could help in some way. I hope so. Welda


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Thanks for all your great links. As I am fairly new to this forum, it will be a great help to me.

I'd like to add that I really enjoy reading your posts. I was completely blown away when you mentioned in a recent post that you are only 14 years old. I had just assumed you were much older. You are very well spoken in your posts and obviously have devoted a lot of time to researching celiac disease. :D


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Is anyone using the Clan Thompson list of gluten-free foods. I bought it and downloaded it on my Palm. It is new to me but seems like it would be helpful.

Has anyone else dealt with them? Is there a way we could help them build the database they have?

It is really a neat idea. No they are not paying me. I purchased it and the data base really seems to be a great idea.

Thanks :D


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Is anyone using the Clan Thompson list of gluten-free foods. I bought it and downloaded it on my Palm. It is new to me but seems like it would be helpful.

Has anyone else dealt with them? Is there a way we could help them build the database they have?

I got some sample booklets (prescription drugs, foods, over the counter drugs, etc. Very helpful since they also list phone numbers. I also got a sample download of a computer database thingy they have--I like them a lot. You can't use it fully unless it was verified very recently, but they give you a good idea of what's gluten-free and the phone number to make sure :D


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My collection has since grown substantially, but on the Delphi board, there's someone there, Mireille, who is constantly posting there and seems to be a true celiac expert :D. Anyway, she posted her collection on that board awhile ago:

Have make an extensive research to retrieve this link goldmine as I had the msg # in my note book in Canada but I'm in Florida.

I would suggest you to take a note of this msg # for further use, or for helping others.


All Recipes: general recipe database with gluten-free selections:

Clan Thompson:

CSA Recipe Collection

Food For Life

Gluten Free Pantry Recipes


Gluten Free Brewing - brew your own

Gluten free Kitchen

Gluten Freeda Recipes

Celiac sight from Australia

Savory Palate - Carol Fenster

Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)/ "Breaking the Viscious Cycle"

All of the recipes on these pages are "SCD safe". This means that they

do not contain milk, flour, or any other food item which is not

allowed in the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

SOAR Database: Huge recipe database with gluten free selections


CSA Website Directory

Dr. Fine/lab testing

Gluten Freeda

Gluten Free Shopping List, University of Nevada: Listing of specific

safe foods, including brand names

gluten-free Links

Resource database

No Soy

Nutribase - Contact information for thousands of food manufacturers.

Organic trade Association: Members include growers, shippers, processors,

certifiers, farmer associations, brokers, manufacturers, consultants,

distributors and retailers.

Gluten Intollerance Group of North America

Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) Web Library

Based on the book "Breaking the Viscious Cycle" by Elain Gottschall

State by state info (limited support group source)

Savory Palate - Carol Fenster

Sully's Living Without

Wheat Free Zone - extensive database, must know info


Celiac Living in New York City

Inn Seeker - gluten free lodging

Gluten Free Utah


Akin's Natural Foods Market

Cause Your Special

The Dietary Shoppe

The Gluten Free Grocery

Gluten Free Delights

The Gluten Free Mall

Gluten Free Pantry


The Gluten Free Supermarket


Gluten Solutions


Liv-N-Well: Liv-N-Well's mailorder division ships Gluten-Free and Low

Protein products worldwide

Loprofin - low protien products

Marie Nature

Mr. Spice

Miss Roben: Food source for those with multiple food allergies

The Silly Yak

Specialty Food Shop

Trader Joes

Twin Valley Mills


Vance's Foods: Home of Dari-Free

Whole Foods Market=20

Wild Oats Grocery


Natural Foods Products

Amy's Kitchen

Annie's Naturals

Baking For Health: products are organic and free of wheat, dairy, sugar

and animal products

Barbara's Bakery


Big Valley: Big Valley, Flavorland, Big Valley Fruitatious, or Big

Valley/Yan Can Cook: Frozen fruits and vegetables

Bob's Red Mill

California Natural: organic rice syrups, rice syrup solids, rice protein

concentrate (80%), Dexta Plus rice oligodextrins, StarchPlus rice


Cascadian Farm

Cedarlane Natural Foods INC: including award winning low fat frozen

dinners and entrees, fat free and specialty breads, and fresh salads.

Country Choice Naturals: Certified organic hot cereals, cookies and

hot cocoa mixes.

Earth's Best Baby Food

Ener-G Foods

Fantastic Foods

Food For Life

Frieda's: Wholesale fruits, vegetables, tofu, Asian and Latin produce,

processed and jarred items - inc. tofu hot dogs, burgers.

Gluten Free Foods LTD


Hain: The Hain Food Group markets natural "better-for-you" foods and

snacks across 24 brands. Brands containing organic products include

Hain Pure Foods, Westbrae Natural, WestSoy, Little Bear, Bearitos,

Arrowhead Mills, DeBoles, Farm Foods, Earth's Best, and Garden of Eatin'.

Horizon Organic Dairy

Imagine Foods: Rice Dream, Soy Dream, dairy free pudding, soups and broths

J.R. Wood Products: Frozen fruits, vegetables, baby food, concentrates,

purees, smoothies

Kingsmill Foods: bread, cookies, Lacteeze


Little Bear

Lundberg Family Farms

Muir Glen Organics: tomato products

Nature's Path

Near East

Nueman's Own =20

Newman's Own Organics

Rapunzel: Organic chocolate, coffee, juices, sugar,seasonings, snacks, soups

Rocky Mountain Snacks

Pamela's Products

Premier Valley Foods: Organic dried fruit, organic chilled juice,

organic tomatoes, organic juice concentrates, and dried peppers

Seeds of Change

Simple treats: vegan, wheat, sugarr free (barley) bakery

Small Planet Foods

Spectrum Organic

Stoneyfield Farm

Sunflour Baking: dairy, egg, wheat and wheat free products.

Sunspire: Sunspire Organics, Sunspire Sundrops, FruitSource® and

Maranatha:certified organic line of chocolate chips, chocolate-coated nuts,

clusters, organic sugar, grain-sweetened chocolate chips, chocolate-coated

nuts and fruits and other handmade candies, organic peanut butters, almond

butters, cashew butters; natural and organic bulk trail mixes

Terra NostraOrganics: distributors of Terra Nostra Organic products,

including chocolate bars

Vance's Foods: Home of Dari-Free

Van's International Foods: waffles



Whole Foods Private Label Products

Wildwood natural Foods: Traditional Mid-East hummus, low fat hummus,

spicy hummus, pesto hummus, baba ganooj, tabouli salad, wild dogs

(veg hot-dogs), meltables (soy cheese), and garlic aioli (vegan mayo


Yves Veggie Cuisine

Mireille, Waterloo Quebec.


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You are right, celiac3270. She is an expert. She saved my butt a few times when I was trying to bake bread - I posted about my failure and what I did, and she posted back what the problem probably was - and she was right..... She is a sweetheart!



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Hey guys great thread!!!

I have a lot of favorites as you guys do too...

To add a few -- great NY information about foods, bakeries, etc. t-shirts etc... -- great celiac awareness jewelry that are donated to celiac awareness. great newsletter for baking!!! -- dips that are gluten free.

That is all I can think of right now.

I haven't ever heard of the delphi forums.. . thanks for that I will have to check them out!!!!



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oops one of my links was wrong




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Wow! What a great list! Thank you so much for it. It has many Web sites that I have not seen before. Thanks


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    • Well, I am stressed to the max. I just spent 3 days in the hospital with D and stomach pain, dizziness, chest pain, generally unwell. Then another trip to the ER on top of that. My protein was low and my RBC and hemoglobin dropped below normal in 3 days. Not terribly low, but below normal. I also had metabolic acidosis which still confuses me. I usually eat every 2-3 hours despite it causing pain to keep my energy up and was unable to eat that frequently in the hospital. I usually carry protein with me and had been taking liquid iron which I stopped a few weeks ago because my new endo is not a fan of iron supplements. As soon as I got home from the hospital I started with my protein drinks and blackstrap molasses for iron.  I now have bilateral mild pleural effusions and a nodule on my left lung, which hopefully is nothing, but was not there on a CT back in March. In addition, my left adrenal gland, which also appeared normal in March, is calcified and the report indicates this is most likely due to a previous bleed or infection. My colon appears tortuous (whatever that means) and we are waiting on colon/endo biopsies. I have been gluten-free since March except for cc so expect the biopsies to again be negative.  My primary care is useless. I am in the process of getting a new one I will see on the 7th but need the current one to fill out FMLA paperwork because I both physically and mentally need time to recover. I will have to go off of payroll for 2 weeks but I think I need to. I called the primary's office today to discuss the hospital tests which she does NOT have yet and to ask if we should/could start a low dose of prednisone because my body is attacking itself. My thyroid on ultrasound is also abnormal though my bloodwork thus far is normal. But it hurts on that side. The only reason the ultrasound was ordered is because I asked for it in the first place. The only reason I have started seeing an endocrinologist is because I found one myself. Anyway...I broke down in tears on the phone eith her today and she told me I was having a "manic episode". I have no history of mania. I only recently started taking xanax to help me cope with the stress of being sick. I was not sick until I did this stupid gluten challenge over the winter. My mother was in town and spoke with the doctor on the phone as well who was trying to get my mom to take me to a psych hospital. She also threatened to send the police to check on me. My mother assured her I was in no danger and we hung up the phone in complete shock. Admittedly, I was in tears when I called her and probably sounded like a fucking mess. But I believe I referenced the dropping iron, protein, fluid near lungs, enlarged thyroid and attacked adrenal gland then literally said "my body is attacking itself and I need help" to which she said, "I think you are manic". Lovely. If I was a mess before that phone call it was 10x worse when we hung up.  Anyway, this is the first night it has been extremely difficult to sleep. I admit my thoughts about my odd symptoms keep me up often recently. I mean, who the hell bleeds from or gets an infected adrenal gland?! I am sure it was another time I begged my primary for help. On a side not, the NP at the ER told me the primary should be putting these pieces together and communicating with my other doctors better. He then stated that he used to go to the same practice but left because the practice got too big and like a business. So I got some validation from that chat.  A melatonin or a .25 xanax usually does the trick for me to sleep but I am so disturbed about my interaction today, stressed at my health, stressed that my ex has our son so much because I am always sick (bless him for coming through), stressed that I have to go back to this awful doctor because I will need the FMLA paperwork before I see the new doc on the 7th.  8 months ago, I took a multivitamin when I remembered it and that was it.  End rant. Maybe now that it is off my chest I can finally sleep. 
    • Hi DKH0614, I use aspirin, Pepto Bismol, and peppermint tea or Altoids peppermints.  Pepto Bismol has a soothing effect on the gut.  Pepto Bismol also has aspirin in it.  Peppermint is helpful for relaxing smooth muscle tissue and getting gas out of the stomach. As per KarenG, you may be reacting to dairy.  Dairy has a sugar called lactose in it that some people with celiac have a hard time digesting.  You could try avoiding dairy for a few weeks to see if that helps.  Or try taking lactaid type pills when you eat dairy. It doesn't take very much gluten to cause an immune system reaction.  So it is important to avoid even traces of gluten if possible.  The stuff is hard to avoid sometimes if people around you don't understand how much a small amount of it can affect your body. Let us know if we can help with any  more questions, or if you have concerns we haven't addressed. And welcome to the forum! Also, if you subscribe to the thread (notify me of replies) you'll get an email when people respond to your thread.    
    • After a year and half, if you are eating gluten-free, you shouldn't be having pain from Celiac.  Perhaps you need to find out what is really causing your issues?  Dairy/ lactose is an obvious first place to look.
    • Hi! I am 15 and have been diagnosed with celiac disease for about a year and a half now and I am woundering what do some of y'all use to relive some of the abdominal pains that come along with celiac/gluten allergies?  ( Ibuprofen,  Tylenol, etc.) 
    • Hi Laurabella, Yes, you could have celiac disease!  It is important to keep eating gluten until all testing is completed, including an endoscopy with biopsy samples if the doctor recommends it.  The doctors usually do want the endoscopy.  The biopsy samples of the small intestine lining (4 to 6 samples) are checked for microscopic damage that indicates celiac disease.  Gall bladder problems can happen with celiac disease.  Your pain could also be from intestinal damage in any part of the small intestine. Some things you could try while you are waiting for your tests to be completed are stopping all dairy, and taking peppermint tea for gas in the stomach.  Celiac disease damage makes it hard to digest dairy sugar (lactose) and that can cause bloating and pain.  Constipation and diahrea are also possible fun symptoms. Welcome to the forum!
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