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Family And Friends...

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Posted 26 October 2008 - 06:14 AM


I have been having a hard time with family and friends with things being gluten free. When I was first diagnosed my family didnt believe there was such a thing as Celiac Disease...my family actually googled the term to see if I made it up...that hurt a whole lot..they dont understand that a simple thing as a bread crumb can make me ill for days...I have gotten into arguments that I just dont have a simple food allergy...but I cant seem to get it across to them..they will embarrass me as family socials by calling me silly yak girl or arent you the one who has silicone disease... I have a brother was comes by often whom I love dearly...he brings things to the house to eat when I tell him those things have gluten in them I cant eat it...he tells me to stop just eat it what harm can it really do...

When family comes over I try to tell them that my kitchen is gluten free please dont get crumbs or contimanted it and no one listens to me...I find I spend alot of time crying over this...I have two teenagers at home whom often forget about the contamination also...but they are learning after I become sick for days...

I just wanted to vent and see if anyone else goes through the same with family...Sometimes I think this is bigger than I can handle...

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Posted 26 October 2008 - 06:39 AM

Im sorry your family is not being very compassionate or understanding. You may want to plan a visit to your doctor and take your Mom along so that she can hear it from an M.D. This might make it more of a reality for her and hopefully she will then spread that to others in your family.
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GLUTEN FREE 4/4/08. LEGUME/SOY FREE 5/15/08. YEAST FREE. CORN FREE. GRAIN FREE. DAIRY FREE. I am eating all meats, eggs, veggies, fruits, squash, nuts and seeds. I just keep getting better every day. :)

Do not let any of the advice given here substitute for good medical care. Let this forum be a catalyst for research. Find support for any post in here before you believe it to be true. Arm yourself with knowledge. Let your doctor be your assistant. Listen to their advice, but follow your own instincts as well. Miracles are within your reach. You can heal!



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Posted 26 October 2008 - 10:31 AM

Oh, that is horrible. I have had a hard time with my husbands family. We used to live with them, but have luckily bought our own little place and gotten out of there. I know it can hurt real bad with family like that.

Sounds like they need to get educated about the situation. ShayFL's suggestion sounds like a good one.
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One Celiac gene and one gluten intolerance gene (HLA-DQ 2,1).
Grain free, casein free, soy/legume free + a bunch of allergies I have had since I was a child (stone fruits, nuts..carrots)
Following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, but no nuts, legumes or casein.

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