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Finally A Fun Work Event

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Every month on the last Thursday we have a staff meeting where they provide water and Subway Cookies. The last one I went to I brought some Whole Foods Pecan cookies, which were ok, but kinda dry and I was sad. This time I have Kinnikinick chocoalte chip cookies.

I have this engineer guy that I work with who I joke with alot, I'm just one of the guys, etc. I've been talking to him ( and everyone else) incessantly about Celiac.

I go into the meeting and go to sit down next to him. He is sitting there eating a cookie and starts making num num noises and eating it very ostentatiously ( nobody get mad, its the kind of relationship we have) . I take out my little ziplock baggie of chocolate chip cookies and start eating them in big bites and going mmmmmmmm oooooohhhh mmmmmmmhmmmmm.

He looks at my cookies for a minute and says "oh man those look really good, can I have one?"

Hehehehehehehe. I said no, and finished them, then licked the crumbs out of the bag.

He asked me where I got them when we left.

<maniacal giggle>

I thought it was hysterical, and since every single other work event has sucked, I thought I'd share the fun.

Those cookies are so good its all I can do to keep from eating the whole box.



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