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Gluten Is Ruining My Life

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Good Night

My name is Eli. I came here because I don't understand what it's happening to me. I was diagnosticated gluten sensitivity one year ago. I couldn't meet with my doctor because I had an kitchen accident. I couldn't walk for a month. Then I started univeristy and work so I forgot it. I admit it was a really irresponsibility for my health.

My lifestyle was not like anything that has to carry a person allergic to gluten. Whether it cost me to accept at first, because I was living alone and gluten free food is more expensive than normal food or just because I'm a little careless with myself. Anyway it was a shock, a really emotional change in my life and I couldn't accept it easily.

My subconscious was telling me phrases like why is this happening to me? It won't be nothing if I eat only a little gluten or on Monday I'm going to start the gluten free diet. Or just with the stress of modern day I forgot it. I was not going for then some tummy aches.

A friend of mine came to Spain about 2 or 3 month ago. As He didn't have house I told him that he could stay at my house these days. Instead of staying in my house he invited me for lunch and dinner every day.

A few weeks ago I thought I should start gluten free diet seriously , but it was because of or despite invitations from my friend (I was sleepless nights, with diarrhea, stomach pains very strong, severe memory failure, severe lack of concentration, changes moods, bad mood, anxiety etc. ..) I said enough is enough and I'm going to take this seriously.

Although this is costing me a lot. I tried to avoid gluten. I do not eat or have dinner out, I use my own utensils to clean my cutlery and my glasses, etc etc. But all this seems useless. I Think I must have gotten worse. Besides all this I think I am probably lactose intolerant too.

I know what will be the answer to my letter: see the family doctor and he refer you to a specialist. And this is what I have tried already once. I think very strong so incompetent that some doctors can become (or seem).

I explained my case to my doctor. All that I have explained to you and more. The doctor, who is about to retire and has 40 years in medicine (that is what he said to me) and think that youth people likes to complain, just told me to follow a gluten free diet (as if that was easy or sufficient) and he told me that I would some concern or some problem in my life that it would make me anxiosly (that although everyone always has something in his head or something to think about, in my case nowadays I have no current or'' no problems'' ... oh well maybe I have one, the only one I have is the only one I've told him and is the only one that he don't know how to solve: the issue of gluten.

He told me I will come back in two weeks ( I'm going tomorrow with a friend) I told him, refer to me to a specialist but no way. Tomorrow I will say it again and if he don't solve anything like before I will change my doctor.

I know I don't have cancer or some incurable disease. But that it does not mean that i'm good and nowadays I need a doctor that really helps me.

Last Thursday I woke up with very bad mood. No sense. I had slept 8h. Had slept well. But I sat all bad. I was super sensitive and I do not fight with anyone because I told myself: Eli, you don't know why are you like this, everything that people is telling you feel bad. It's all in your head so even if you can not find the solution for now, at least avoids fight with others that do not say bad things to you.

The only thing different in relation with other days is that the previous day you had drunk several cups of milk, cheese eaten enough, and also eaten 6 or 7 yogurts.

I was looking for informacion on Internet a few months ago in English the effects of gluten not only in the stomach but in the brain and the immune system overall and in all organs. I'm from Spain but there is little big informacion in Spanish . Not opinion blogs but websites popular science or medicine. I read that many mental illnes such as autism and others, are related to food and gluten but obviously there is also an important genetic component.

I don't know if the effects of consuming much lactose for lactose intolerant person will be similar to the effects of gluten for celiac people, and I'm already a little burned to find a little more information and give even more over the issue. Tomorrow I am going to the doctor so I hope he refer me to a specialist but other doctor derive me.

If you don't answer it's okay, I guess you may think I'm really crazy (I'm already starting to think it) but I just needed somewhere to explain what it's happening to me. I guess you will think I'm crazy less than most people I know if I told them this.

In the end I do not know if I'll be going crazy or not ... but I just want to find what it happens to me and to settle it or help me fix it.

I feel nothing since a few years. No pain, but also no enjoy, there's no ilusion for life and living it and motivations. All this with having mood swings like last Thursday that I sometimes get.

After lunchtime sometimes (do not eat gluten ) I feel a little sleepy at the first moment. After a while I get a lot of anxiety, bad mood, want to cry, a lot of bad mood with a lot of sadnes, desire to fight with the world .. Unexplained anxiety growing. Brain fog.

I just want to be normal again. As I don't like the word ''normal'' I will say I just want to feel alive again. Feel good. feeling something.

Thank you very much to anyone who has spent a few minutes to read this post.




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I hope that you will be motivated to follow the diet, find a doctor that can get to the root of your problem, find this forum and substitutions for dairy, AND get better. I don't think your symptoms are all in your head, perhaps the doctor cannot figure them out, but it doesn't mean that fogginess, fatigue, and diarrhea are normal. Hang in there and get better.



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Hello Eli, and welcome to the board. How long has it been now since you stoppped eating gluten? And what sorts of foods do you eat now?


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Welcome Eli!

You have come to a place that completely understands. Your frustration is understood.

You need to live gluten free - once you get through the very difficult process of removing it from your life -- you will feel better and finding healthy food for your body will become simple -- it just takes time.

Let us know how we can help :)


Bienvenido Eli!

Has llegado a un lugar que entiende completamente. Su frustración se entiende.

Tienes que vivir sin gluten - una vez que pasar por el proceso muy difícil de sacarlo de su vida - usted se sentirá mejor y encontrar comida saludable para su cuerpo se convertirá en simple - sólo se necesita tiempo.

Háganos saber cómo podemos ayudarle


google translator is a bit better than me -- hope this make sense to you :)


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Google translate is cool! :)

Algunos de partida las extremidades de la dieta gluten-free por los primeros 6 meses:

Hágase la prueba antes de iniciar la dieta libre de gluten.

Obtenga su vitaminas / minerales probadas niveles también.

No comer en los restaurantes

Coma sólo alimentos integrales no procesados ​​los alimentos.

Coma sólo alimentos que cocinar uno mismo, pensar en los alimentos simples, no comidas gourmet.

Tomar probióticos.

Tome vitaminas gluten-free.

Tome enzimas digestivas.

Evite los productos lácteos.

Evitar los azúcares y los alimentos ricos en almidón.

Evite el alcohol.

Some starting the gluten-free diet tips for the first 6 months:

Get tested before starting the gluten-free diet.

Get your vitamin/mineral levels tested also.

Don't eat in restaurants

Eat only whole foods not processed foods.

Eat only food you cook yourself, think simple foods, not gourmet meals.

Take probiotics.

Take gluten-free vitamins.

Take digestive enzymes.

Avoid dairy.

Avoid sugars and starchy foods.

Avoid alcohol.

Helpful threads:

FAQ Celiac com

Newbie Info 101

What's For Breakfast Today?

Short temper thread


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I felt very unhappy my first few weeks gluten-free. I had headaches and was tired and my mood was very bad. I believe it was some type of withdrawl because it did pass eventually.

Celiac can affect your mood and cause depression. You may need to eat gluten-free for a few months to see an improvement in that area. I have been eating gluten-free for 6 months and I am still noticing health areas that are improving.

Try looking at the paleo diet for a while. It restricts grains, and you eat lots of whole foods so it is not as expensive as buying pre-packaged foods. As for your lactose intolerance, that is very common amoung celiacs but many find they are able to consume milk again after a few months or year. Hang in there.


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    • Thanks Stephanie & Gemini for the info. that the 4 of 5 doesn't apply to children. I wasn't aware of that until now. 
    • I think the posters above have given you very good information and I will throw in my 2 cents worth.  I am surprised that they did not test her DGP IgA also.  I am sure that would have been positive.  They switched off with antibody classes and usually they do both tests for both antibodies.  IgA is more specific to Celiac but the IgG is also useful.  The testing shows your daughter is producing antibodies to the gluten in her diet. (DGP IGG). THe tTg shows positive for some damage or inflammation. You know........your daughter is only 4.  She hasn't been on the planet or eating gluten that long. It can take years for enough damage to occur for it to be able to be found on biopsy.  I would say it is highly likely that this is Celiac, especially with her symptoms. But because the damage hasn't graduated to bad enough yet, they won't diagnose her. I think you need to do what others have said and get all copies of testing and find someone else who will take a look and give a diagnosis, especially if they have you do a dietary trial and her symptoms go away.  That might be the only recourse if you want faster proof. I know I would want faster.  I would not really be happy if I thought I had to keep feeding her something that was making her sick.  If you keep her on gluten long enough, the diarrhea will probably show up. BTW.........the criteria mentioned regarding diagnosis does not apply to kids.  I know it's silly and stupid but most leading Celiac specialists do not go by this criteria for kids.......adults only.  Keep that in mind because it might come up.  You could recognize it but they might not. Have you considered gene testing, to help bolster a diagnosis? As far as false positives go, it's the other way around. False negatives happen more frequently than many people think.  It's a recurring theme here.  With her symptoms, which is what I had, a bloated belly and tummy aches are telling.  Have they tested her for lactose intolerance?  That can cause similar symptoms, although it sure won't raise those 2 blood tests.  Keep looking for Celiac because there are many red flags here.
    • This 4 out of 5 criteria does not apply to children. I was never given a reason why, but it isn't.     That said, you may try to get a second opinion from another GI who may be willing to give her a firm dx.  We were in your boat 6 years ago and while I'm sure I'll get slammed for it, I wish we had kept gluten in our kiddos diet till he scoped positive for a variety of reasons.  Again, even family is different and you have to find what is best for you!
    • Mnoosh, I had swollen lymph nodes prior to celiac dx and for a while after going gluten free. My neck as well as groin. The groin ones were the worst. Guess what? All gone! It's hard to recall a time line & consider that everyone is different but I think mine completely resolved within a year.  You've been given great information. Just breathe and then again, breathe. You're going to be fine. 
    • It is the only thing you have eaten, so it can't be anything else?  I eat it with no issues so I am not sure how you can be certain that is the problem.  All I am saying is that its sort of "your word against mine and the company's word".  
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