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Please Describe Spring...am Getting Desperate.

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Oh, how I miss you, dear Neroli.

Spring is here in NY and the irises are open and the wet weather has created a plethora of mushrooms

in the green grass --like little villages ---and I said to J yesterday, Look! Shroom is saying hello.



Darn it....that one got me...it is really quite unique when you lose someone you have never met in person....I hear her stronger in my head than some of those very close to me that I have lost -- probably comes from years of knowing Shroomie would hop on and agree or set me straight...man...


ok...enough of that...hey I hopped on here because I thought L2T might be checking in this thread -- where oh where are you L2T -- must have found spring and too busy playing in the grass and buying fresh herbs and vegies????

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