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Websites/app That Reviews Gluten Free Products?

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I don't know of any that specifically are just to review products, but a lot of the blogs will talk about specific products frequently, especially when they are new.   A google search of the product will usually bring up anything written about it, and a lot of people will mention products on here as well.  If something is expensive and you are afraid to try it, you can always ask here as well, and post when you try new things to let us know also :)


When I was first diagnosed celiac, I wrote to a few places like Schar and Bobs Red Mill asking them to help me out with samples and coupons, and I got some free product coupons from Bobs Red Mill.  So that can also take the sting off the cost of trying new stuff if you aren't sure on whether or not to drop the cash.  :)

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