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Easy Lunch And Snack Ideas?

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Share with me your favorite gluten free lunch and snacks? Our first grocery trip since diagnosis is this Friday! Ready, Go!

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Some of my favorite easy lunch ideas when there are no leftovers.... I usually make lunch just for myself on weekdays while the hubby is at work:


Pasta with veggies- Any veggie, meat, pasta, and sauce that go together, I make enough for leftovers for a few days so I just heat and eat.  Commonly made meatless

Chicken Nuggets are my go-to thing if I am rushed and dont have something planned.  I like Applegate and tyson but I like purdue simply smart strips the best since they have half the fat of some others and are a good value.  On the side I will just crack open a can of veggies and a can of beans and eat some of that.  Especially on days when I feel bad with my many conditions.

Frozen dinners- For when it is just me, I will sometimes treat myself with Amys frozen dinners.  Their gluten-free burritos are wonderful.  I also like the saffron road and evol ones.  I really haven't had a bad gluten-free frozen dinner but you definitely pay a premium.

Quesadillas or mini pizzas with tortillas. I use white corn and they don't taste really corn-y, and are much cheaper than the gluten-free specialty ones.  This brand- http://johnsoulesfoods.com/ of precooked fajita meat strips and some of their other things are great and are labeled gluten-free if they are.  They are normal prices 


Gluten free bread makes great grilled sandwiches since it usually needs to be toasted to taste good.  So grilled cheese, panini style things, or my favorite turkey with provolone always turn out good.  I will steam fresh or frozen veggies in a pyrex bowl with a lid and a few tblsp of water, usually are done in 5 minutes or so.  


I also love Amys soups.  They have a good amount of gluten-free ones, they will be clearly marked on the back of the can.  Good for a light meal or with a sandwich.


Snacks I like to keep on hand are fruit, Snyders gluten-free pretzels, popcorn, Vans cheesy crackers, and I make my own popsicles with a cheap mold and whatever juice I pick up. Other ideas are string cheese, nuts, lots of chips that are gluten-free, those little dove ice cream mini bars are gluten-free-they will list gluten source if it is an ingredient, I am sure others will add more ideas :D



Also here are a few threads I dug up for you that may be helpful! :)







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I almost always make a cooked meal for lunch. But we're different than mainstream, we usually make the big meal for lunch and just have leftovers for supper.


I usually have lots of fresh vegetables around, so I throw together a salad or a raw veggie plate and then do the normal entree like stuff. Some of our favorite entrees if I'm feeling fancy are enchilada casserole and tater tot taco bake. More basic ideas are some sort of soup put together with what I have on hand, stir fry, bean burgers, veggie wraps with hummus, gluten free pasta with sauce, etc. Tacos/burritos are also nice.

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Thanks guys, great ideas! I have to admit I'm kind of excited to go grocery shopping, lol. Is that weird?


Keep 'em coming :)

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I like to keep mozzarella sticks, gluten-free pepperoni, and gluten-free crackers on hand for quick snacks or to-go meals.  Many pepperonis are gluten-free, but check the label.  Cracker's you'll need to get in the gluten-free section of a store.


I also like eating an apple with sharp cheddar cheese (Kroger has individually wrapped white sharp cheddar cheese sticks that I love).


Also you can do other easy fruits and veggies - carrots and peppers with gluten-free hummus, grapes, strawberries, etc.

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