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Restaurant Pizza Party! {Newbie} Help!

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Hi, I am new to posting in the forum. I have been reading posts for a few months, but now I need some advice and decided to post my first question.


My 9 year old son, Tyler, was diagnosed with celiac back in April. We have been gluten free since May, and things are going pretty well. This is my first situation I'm not sure how to handle.


Tyler is invited to a baseball end of the year pizza party at a local restaurant Friday. I want him to go to be with his team and I know it will be a blast for them. There is a large arcade the kids get to play there as well.


I checked the menu online and the restaurant has NOTHING listed as gluten free. I emailed them and asked if they have anything specific they recommend as gluten free and they said no, but please feel free to check out our menu online. Yeah, thanks, I did that. 


I do see that they have taco's listed on their menu. My son loves tacos, but I worry about eating them out in restaurants due to the seasoning in the meat. I am never sure if the seasoning would be gluten free.


Here is the restaurant that we would be going to. If you would like to see the menu: http://www.mineshaftrestaurant.com/index.php/our-menu


What have you all done when your child was invited to restaurant parties? Do you go? Do you avoid them?


Thank you all for your advice and thoughts!


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Have you asked him if he would be OK eating before he goes and just getting a soda? I have been to many many many many many end of the season sports parties. Seems like there is always a kid that doesn't like pizza or tacos or whatever is being served and eats before he comes. Maybe being some safe candy for him to eat during dessert? Sounds like they will be so busy running around, that pizza isn't really the focus.

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I agree. Bring your own food - that's what we usually do.  I usually bring junk food, like a bag of nachos, for him to eat too.  I find that my boys are happy as long as they have a fun food that they enjoys as well.  Sharing their food (like nachos) helps them to feel like they fit in too.  


Hope he has fun.  :)

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