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Austin Guy

Bpa Aka Bisphenol-A

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Have you heard the rumor that you should not drink from a plastic water bottle after it got hot?  Supposedly a substance leaches into the water and makes people sick.


I just learned about BPA, also known as bispheno-A.  It is a substance added to some plastics to make them hard.  I had been using a plastic water dispenser for several years and every day was about the same, except when I was traveling.  I always filled the dontainer from a reverse osmosis filter because the well water here is pretty nasty.  


I would wake, drink water from the container.  As I continued to drink the water throughout the day I would become more bloated, tired and have multiple stools, each looser than the previous one.  If a plastic contains BPA it is usually stamped with the #7 inside the recycled symbol on the bottom.  Guess what the dispenser had on the botton?  The number 7.


I checked all other water bottles, spice bottles, food storage containers and they were all safe.  I have read that you should only use plastic bottles and food storage containers stamped with 2, 4 and 5.


BPA is also used in many canned products to protect the interior lining of the can so canned foods are out for me.  If you look around you will find that BPA can also be in baby bottles, many of which are heated in microwave ovens.  Heat causes even more BPA to leach out of the plastic.


Have kept water in "safe" containers and my symptoms have gone away.



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Yes, a lot of companies are switching to a plastic made with corn protein. Bad news for those of us with corn intolerance, but good news for the general population.

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I've been switching the family to all glassware. We still utilize some plastic food storage containers, but never heat in them. Will be happy when we recycle the last of them.

I use a lot of mason jars to freeze leftovers and soups now...just leave a little space and leave the lid loose until completely frozen then tighten the lids.

Edited to add a funny I saw right after posting in this thread:


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