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Play Dough Activity

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I'm teaching a class full of 3 and 4 year olds for homeschool co-op and for an activity, I'm planning on making some sort of play dough with them.


Thing is, I don't want to use a bunch of expensive gluten free flour, nor do I want to do anything that requires the stove. I want something relatively simple.


Does anybody have a simple, cheap no cook gluten free play dough recipe? Or would you just use regular flour and be careful? None of the kids that I'm teaching have any food issues, I'm only worried about the possibility of me inhaling flour while working with them.

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I am going to tell you a top secret trick of this forum.. Shhh!  Go to the main forum page (cause it works best from there, not sure why).  IN the top tight corner is a rectangle "Search".  To the right of it is an teeny tiny little gear .  Click the gear.  You can now search this site.  Put in "Play dough" in quotes in the Find Words space.  Then go way down to "Display Results".  pick as posts - much easier.  Then Search now! 


I found this & there were others I stopped looking:




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I make the playdough for my son's preschool using the first recipe in the link below. You do have to cook it on the stove for 3 minutes, but since you can mix everything up in the same pot before you cook it, it' really easy.  A couple of tips though - I always slightly overfill the rice flour measure, the cornstarch measure, and go just a little below the 1 cup mark with the water.  Also, don't cook it literally on "low" or  that won't warm it enough.  Once I figured those things out, it comes out perfect everytime.




If the co-op is in your house, I would definitely go with gluten free playdough or the kids will get a nice gluteny coating on everything in the room!

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