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How long does a glutening last?

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I've been gluten free since March after I had 2 blood tests come back positive for celiac. I'm still waiting to see gastro, a dietician and an endocrinologist, as I've got some other weird symptoms too (I know you have to be eating gluten for a biopsy/ diagnosis - I'm not doing it as the waiting times are ridiculous and I can't be that ill again). 

Anyways I'd been feeling fractionally better and at least some of my symptoms had eased up but this last week has been bad. I'd still been having nausea and upset stomach pretty much every day but it's been more manageable up until now.

Last weekend I had a tiny amount of bacon (I was vegetarian and am starting to reintroduce meat because it's just too hard) and then both Sunday and Monday I got accidentally glutened (because I am an idiot). Felt awful on Monday but since then it's been weird phases of feeling ok and then horrible again. Have had bad bouts of nausea every day and now tonight I'm running to the bathroom every 5 minutes. I also have a huge lump on my ear (had one behind my ear for months and months before I was diagnosed that's only just gone down!). Is this all just the glutening? Do the horrible effects come and go? Or is it something else - there's a stomach virus going around my work but I don't think it would have lingered all week  getting better and then worse? 

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This remark: "I got accidentally glutened (because I am an idiot")

Ooh, I can relate sooo well!  I too was getting better (I have horrible skin issues), and then I got remiss about reading labels-- I'm still very new at this too-- then my skin rash and itching came back and I couldn't understand why.  Then one day I remembered I should check a label....  sure enough, I had been eating wheat everyday for nearly a week! I And here I am, two weeks after realizing that goof up, totally miserable again. :(

 I am told it could take three months to a year for my skin to clear up.  I don't know how soon your digestive troubles will abate, but I know someone will be able to advise you.


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It could be a glutening or a virus or who knows?  Remember, there is a steep learning curve to the gluten-free diet.  Remember too, that celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that is triggered by gluten.  A "flare-up" can last for days, weeks or months.  Symptoms can wax and wane....and evolve!  Just get back on the wagon and learn from your glutening lesson.   

iF introducing meat back into your diet, stick with non-processed for a while my recommendation.  Bacon is full of additives!  

I hope you're feel better soon!  

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