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Scott Adams

Gluten-Free Cookie ExchangesGluten-Free Cookie Exchanges

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Cookie exchanges are fun social occasions but let's resolve to make cookies healthier next year. They don't need to be 7 layer high fat, high sugar indulgences that contribute to many chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular damage and dementia. Yes, high sugar is now identified as a major contributor to dementia and even has its own classification called Type 3 diabetes.

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Oh My Gosh!  You're speaking my language.  I just did some exhaustive studying about the damage carbohydrates do to your body!  I was so convinced by the decades of research I found, that we went from gluten free/ dairy free/soy free to low carb/high fat/mod protein... no need to worry about gluten when you aren't eating packaged food anymore!  We are just short of being nightshade free, low egg consumption, few tree nuts and no legumes.  I am a great cook and baker.  I have tons of gluten free flours - made mostly of high starch/high carbohydrates!  My husband with IBS his whole life, who started gluten free because I decided I wasn't tolerating it, has had such amazing results with the low carb diet!  Now he's off B/P meds, prescription NSAIDS & acid reflux meds...his prostate shrunk, IBS all but cured and he's not constantly cold anymore!  He was a cookie monster after each meal too.  He swore a few years ago that if he ever got Diabetes, he'd just take extra insulin to cover the cookies!!  LOL... he's singin' a different tune  NOW!  What a dramatic difference he's had.  He says his cataracts have decreased as well.... they are made up of denatured sugars!!!!( he's a retired Eye Doctor)  The more insulin your body is forced to produce, or you have to add by injection, the more conditions that will pile up over time.  Instead of feeding the insulin, as diabetics are told by well-meaning Diabetic Educators, we ALL need to stop eating those carbs... in any form!  Cholesterol is caused by carbs being converted to fat in the liver... NOT by eating saturated (or other) fat!  And the worst part is... it's been known since the 1800's!!  Scientists just didn't want to believe their own trials...or the basic biochemical reactions that take place in our bodies!   The Atkin's diet was borne of this knowlege... but was used primarily for weight loss, not necessarily overall health.  The idea of a "diet" is that you do it until you lose weight... then go back to your old bad habits... and repeat as necessary!  A lifestyle change is a better way to think of it.  We don't think of what we can't eat, but what we  CAN!  I've been experimenting with new veggies.  I made a beef/bone broth/veg soup that had 10 different veggies in it... amazing flavor.  I am writing up the copious notes I took during my research and will offer it in a little presentation to some dear friends that have multiple health issues... no doubt caused by their high intake of carbs and gluten.  Just last year the government quietly stated that there is no corrolation between fat and heart disease.  It wasn't front page news... due to the egg on their face... and possibly the crow they were eating!  As a retired nurse, I feel totally betrayed knowing the earliest double blind tests showed all this, but they were so stuck on the fact that there are less calories in carbs than in fat, that they threw out the parts of the research that didn't agree with their hypothesis of fat causing heart disease and obesity.  Obesity then leads to so many other diseases.  Heck, there was even evidence in the early 1900's that a low carb diet controlled Epilepsy in children!  I mean really... the side effects of those drugs are horrible.  But who's going to make money if we all just eat real food instead of Frankenfood??  The drug companies fund a lot of studies, because they are enormously expensive to do.  They have no interest in letting us in on the news that changing our diet can eliminate the need for drugs!  I am on a mission to get this information out to everyone I can in an effort to take back our lives!  All this obesity leads to so many different inflammatory responses!  Guess when the spike in Autism happened?  When we were all told fat is bad and the food pyramid told us to eat mostly bread and grains!!!  UGH... Inuits live almost exclusively on meat and fat... no diseases there!  It happens that in the absence of carbs, you don't need much of the micronutrients from plants, and what you need is gotten from meat and the fat!  When missionaries and settlers move into a "wild" area, it's only 2 generations before all the diseases of Western Civilization appear, and it's been studied over and over.  Moreover, when scientists move to those areas to study and live as the natives do... THEIR diseases go into remission and they adapt to the diet!  Do we need more proof?  Doctors get about 4 hrs of education on nutrition, so don't blame them.  We have been so indoctrinated by a few people early in the industrial revolution, that we just don't make the connections.  It's so much healthier and cheaper to use food as medicine... rather than continuing to eat ourselves sick!  Let's get back to basics... broccoli and lettuce don't need ingredient labels... eat more of them!


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