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glutened or something else?

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Hi, i was diagnosed 2 months ago after horrible bone pain. Everything resolved in one month of gluten-free diet! My bone pain was gone although i feel a little ache in my bones sometimes. But  it is really nothing compared to 2 months ago when i was crying almost every day.  Two days ago i ate in a restaurant. It was a birthday party and i  order gluten free food, although i dont have the best feeling if it was really gluten free. Well, yesterday i had again terrible bone pain in my both knees. I was crying all evening, pain killers helped but it lasted almost one hour before i feel better. Today i have really bad ache in my wrist. 

So, my question is (since I never had any other GI issues): How many hours, days after glutened is typically to have symptoms? Is there anyone who has bone ache as glutened symptom? Is it typical to have the same symptoms after glutened like i had before diagnose?

I am not sure what to do. This bone pain triggered my anxiety although i never experienced it before that there might be something worse going on like multiple myeloma or some other horrible disease. 

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I think you are talking about joint pain?  I don't have joint pain from gluten, but I do get joint pain from eating nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers eggplant).  I avoid it by not eating nightshades.

If your joint pain is caused by an immune reaction it could last for weeks or more.  If it is caused by inflammation associated with gluten and not directly by the immune reaction, it may go away sooner.

We tell people not to eat in restaurants for the first 6 months.  Why take chances with your health when you are just learning the gluten-free diet?  I know experience is a good teacher but the lessons are sometimes hard.

I hope you feel better soon.




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