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Can't find Vitamin D that doesn't give me hives?

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I am very low on Vitamin D and with this virus going around I'm in need of it,  I've tried three different brands so far and about 2 hours later I'm breaking out on my hands and feet. I haven't taken a Vitamin in one week now and I haven't broken out since. I've tried Nordic Naturals, Nature Wise, and Nature Made, I'm not sure what else I can try my Vitamin D is at level 4  my doctor put me on 5000 IU daily. Any suggestions?

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Have you tried cod liver oil? It's a pretty good source of vitamin D.

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What about the sun?  I live in Southern California.  My Vitamin D levels never go below normal even in winter.  Even if you live in Northern areas, consider getting in the sun daily as weather permits.  

If you need to supplement and are worried about gluten, consider a certified gluten free brand like Country Life.   Here are some other recommendations:


But you mentioned hives.  Hives are one reason why I take no medications unless they are life-saving.  Medications like NSAIDs or even acetaminophen can cause me to swell and break out in hives.  So, I would recommend the sun and look for food sources.  This works for me.  

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I found a few articles for you.

Vitamin D deficiency in urticaria




Vitamin D and Sunlight



I can't take cod liver oil because of fish allergy.  But I like Naturewise Vitamin D 3.  I can't take Vitamin D2 , the synthetic form.  

You might try artificial light therapy 


Liver and shiitake mushrooms are good food sources.

Hope this helps!


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Hi CottonCandyDream,

Oily fish is a good source of vitamin D.  Salmon, tuna, mackeral, sardines all have vitamin D in them and so do eggs.  Free-range/pastured eggs are better tho.


Getting some sun is a great way to improve vitamin D levels.  At least it is in the summer time.

I forgot to mention.  Boron helps the body retain vitamin D.  So it may be helpful to take a small amount of boron.  Calcium and boron and vitamin D are all are involved in building bone.

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I don't have any issues with the Procapslabs.com nutrients.  I take high doses now of their D3.  My D was also low and refused to go up, I was eating eggs and all the other sources, but no help.  I added their K2 (K helps D to be absorbed) and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar just before the meal that I am takeing the D3 (you need stomach acid to absorb many vitamins, and D is one that needs acid).

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