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Unable to reach "New Bread Company" (of Alameda, CA)

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The company website and social media accounts (FB, Instagram, Twitter) do not provide a phone number, business address, or e-mail address. They have a "Submit Order/Question" page and I have written. But I suspect that I will not hear back. It's not clear who operates this business.

This company states on their website (http://www.newbreadcompany.com/) that they are a gluten-free lifestyle company. A few days ago, I bought from a retail grocery store's refrigerated section this company's packaged  mini "gluten-free" cupcakes (passion fruit) and because I am so careful not to eat prepared foods other than foods that only I prepare from scratch, this was a rare treat. I believe that I have traced the source of my recent onset of symptoms to this product. I am unable to reach this company to inquire of their production processes, equipment used,  third-party supplier protocol to ensure gluten-free ingredients (e.g., the so-called gluten-free flour (rice flour, potato starch, tapioca flour), baking powder, baking soda, confectioner's sugar, rice flour, xanthan gum, vanilla extract), and whether they in fact are a "dedicated" gluten free company and facility as claimed. (By necessity due to my "Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity" condition, with episodes of 72-hour disabling near full-body symptoms when unwittingly exposed to gluten or through cross-contamination or through cross-reactive foods that metabolically my body may be adversely reacting to as if those foods were gluten, I have to scrutinize each food, each sub-ingredient.)

I'm troubled and at a loss as to what in this cupcake could have made me feel unwell (gluten-free organic rice flour: potato starch, tapioca flour; cane sugar; olive oil; sour cream; organic eggs; baking powder; vanilla extract; baking soda; xanthan gum; sea salt); cream cheese; confectioner's sugar; unsalted butter; and passion fruit.) Many months ago, I bought mini-vanilla and chocolate gluten-free cupcakes from this same company and don't register that I had adverse reactions.

It seems that I also don't feel well soon after eating "Trader Joe's Organic Peanut Butter." The only listed ingredient is organic valencia peanuts.

I don't have any peanut, nut, or dairy allergies.

Another product that I once several months ago seemed able to eat without incident was Lundberg Family Farms rice labeled "Certified Gluten Free."  Now, it appears to disturb my system on a lower-grade but still felt level. The company responded to my inquiry that their gluten-free rice products are homegrown locally and processed in dedicated (separate) facilities and with dedicated equipment from their wheat and other gluten products. So, perhaps my body is exquisitively sensitive to the threshold parts per million under 20 of gluten that "Certified Gluten Free" allows -- assuming by oft chance there is some ppm under 20 in this product.


Confused and scared. Doctors simply state to me don't eat gluten by avoiding eating others' prepared foods and at restaurants. I follow this prescription to the highest degree. I do not buy bulk bin foods (rice, quinoa, dried fruit, chocolate, candy, etc.) for high risk of cross-contamination. But I need some grains (e.g., rice) and should not become ill from pure peanut butter.

I am so troubled by becoming ill even when diligent with vetting my food. My experience with GI and general internal medicine doctors is that they greatly oversimplify how easy it is to avoid gluten, and they do not address a very likely contributing factor of cross-reactive foods (that metabolically appear to the body, causing adverse reactions as if the foods were gluten) and the myriad cross-contamination routes in the food supply chain.

Any insights?


Thank you.


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Have you tried contacting the first company you had issues via their contact form?


It's possible there could be an issue, but since you've had issues recently with several different products from different companies it makes me wonder if you don't have other food intolerance issues that you need to identify.

Scott Adams

Celiac.com - Celiac Disease Board Moderator

Founder Celiac.com

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Scott is right.  Food intolerances are common and can develop at anytime.  It is best to keep a journal of what you eat and symptoms.  This will help you identify food intolerances.  Those can make you sick, but not damage your small intestine the way gluten can.  

Peanut butter normally is fine.  I buy Kirkland (Costco) brand.  It is 100% peanuts and made in batches so huge, that cross contamination at the factor is unlikely.  However, I had issues in the past with Trader Joe products but this was just before the FDA rulings in 2014.   Still, I recall getting sick or my husband got sick, so I tend to avoid Trader Joe’s and most other store brands because you can never find or talk to anyone at the manufacturing facility.  

 Cupcakes contain oat flour?  Some celiacs react even if they are dedicated oats and I am not sure this company uses dedicated or mechanically sorted oats.  You can google the controversy about oats.  Me?  I do not eat them in any form, but that is just me.  

Since the pandemic, I have had issues contacting manufacturers.  One happens to be Pamela’s.  I love their flour, but they did not return my calls or emails.   I have not followed up since I found a substitute that works for now.  

For sure the Lundenburg rice is safe.  Make sure you wash it at least three times.  

With a NCGS diagnosis, I bet you have other foods that can trigger unpleasant symptoms.  I have learned that not everything is due to gluten exposures.  

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