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A Better Day

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Thanks for the cough drop tips and the pats on the back. Today was MUCH better. Tylenol and tea with honey kept the sore throat at bay. The sniffles have not kicked in, so I'm feeling pretty good.

I also had almost no difficulty asking for a one time accomodation at work due to celiac. We have a mandatory training meeting coming up scheduled in a room attached to the cafeteria and I get airborne reactions. My boss suggested a respirator. I figured if I had to, I would look silly, and give it a try. I did talk to the person in charge of the training, and told her my concerns. She volunteered to have the meeting in a different room. Just like that without blinking an eye. Problem solved, and I didn't even need to put my big-girl-pants on and get assertive.

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So glad you're feeling better. Save the big girl pants for tougher battles!

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