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I am new here and have been reading past posts. I wonder if my Daughter could possible have Celiac Disease. She is 4.5 months old and has been a handful. She was born with a lung/chest infection, still no sure the cause, which keep us in our hospital for a week. She was almost air-vac to a bigger hospital,as our small. After been home for a few days she started to vomit yellow-muscly liquid, a large amount with lots of effort. She would cry for hours, not amount of feeding, rocking, bathing etc. would calm her down and if she wasn't cry she justwasn't happy. Her stomage was always large and hard. Her poop is always running, smelly, muscly and greenish. I am breastfeeding her, stop eating wheat/gluten when she was about two months and she is a different baby, happy, puting weight on finally ( 1lb in two month vs 2 lbs in one month) I decide to stop eating wheat as my mother has get sick for it. I have talk to my Doctor about this and agrees that there is something to this, but her trans-gluten level is 2.0 and has told me that we can't get a correct read until she is eating wheat full time in a few month. But I am scared to give her wheat if she celiac. I have been thinking about see a different doctor, but I live in a small town and get have a good relationship with my doctor. Do I give her the wheat knowing that she will react to it.

My mother is now getting test as we never thought about her being celiac

thanks for your ideas what to do.

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I don't think I would test her with wheat at such a young age. Blood tests for very young children are often wrong even if they are eating wheat.

If your mother is diagnosed as having celiac disease, this fact should go into your daughter's family history section of her medical file. You must make the decision yourself but I think waiting until your daughter is older is a better idea.

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