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Your Tips For Easy Weight Loss?

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Honey, I hear ya. I've tried tons of meal replacement diets that claim to be gluten free but they make my body react horribly. I found a good product that worked really well the first time - Kaeng Raeng (http://www.kaengraeng.com) It's a fruit based meal replacement that makes you feel really full and "cleanses" your system. It might be worth a try. It's sort of expensive, but if you google Kaeng Raeng coupons you can find it for at least 20% off. It definitely felt the best the first time and then I had ok results when I did it a second time.

Hope that helps! Good luck!

Thank you. I'll take a look.

Gluten Intolerant with double HLA-DQ6. Pre-diagnosis: Weight gain, swelling, diarrhea, mouth sores, back pain, body aches, fatigue, muscle weakness, BRAIN FOG, runny nose, recurrent sinus infections, bruising, low white cell count (whole life), and more. My feet were so bad, I could hardly walk. Toward the end: Chronic Vit. D deficiency (almost no D in my body despite a quality multi-vit. each day).

There is hope! Gluten-free since Sept. '09, and I have my life back - I feel better than in many, many years!

Favorite quotation: "You must do the thing you think you cannot do." - Eleanor Roosevelt

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Exactly what I would have said until I saw it! I am one of the most cynical people here and I very very rarely endorse anything I don't understand HOWEVER .. I have seen this work.

When it was introduced to me (by the wife of a friend with Chrons') I was very very skeptical. I was also as ill as many of us get ... and willing to try anything having been failed by conventional medicine.

Why does it work? I wish I knew... but I have seen it work.

I agree, it's AMAZING and it really works. Granted, he's eating healthier overall and exercising every day, but by proper food combining, my DH has lost 80# since August. If he miscombines and just counts calories, he either gains or stays even.

There's an incredible book that really explains well why the food combining actually works and how to do it in the real world-no crazy expectations. It's by Natalia Rose who is an amazing nutritionist and it's called "The Raw Food Detox Diet" I read it more for the food combining than the raw food aspect, but there is a good balance that can be achieved and I currently eat about 75% raw now without thinking about it.

Rachelle 20dance.gif

Daughter diagnosed 1/06 bloodwork and biopsy
-gluten-free since 1/06

Son tested negative-bloodwork (8/07), intestinal issues prompted biospy (3/08), results negative, but very positive dietary response, Dr. diagnosed Celiac disease (3/8)

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Thanks . . . and by the way, I want what YOU'RE HAVING! You look amazing! Great photo. Wow.

Thank you very much :)

Lots of hard work, heavy lifting, moderate cardio, and conscientious nutrition. Rinse and repeat, forever. :)

Eat well and be well.

Erin Elberson

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