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Wheat Allergy And Celiac

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is wheat allergy and celiac related??

i am asking this because my husband's nephew is allergic to wheat every time he comes close to wheat he starts wheezing very bad and his body gets covered in hives, where my son is lactose intollerant and has celiac...

my husband's niece has lactose intollerance as well,

is this heredity??? because my son is both lactose intollerant and celiac

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my husbands brother was lactose intollerant as well, do you think that is where my son got celiac and lactose intolllerance from

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Allergies and coeliac?

With Allergy, antibodies attack the antigen causing allergic symptoms: swelling, redness, and itching etc. Anti-histamines will counteract the symptoms.

With Autoimmune disease [coeliac disease], antibodies attack the body itself causing numerous symptoms. A gluten-free diet is the "cure"

Coeliac disease involves the flattening of the villi. Until they heal, most coeliacs cannot tolerate dairy-foods. Sometimes, they never will again.

There are lots of parts within wheat that you can be allergic too, not just gluten .. He should be tested especially if he reacts strongly..

Lactose intolerance can be a primary condition [like the niece] and not curable, or a secondary condition as it is a symptom of another disease [like your son]. Considering the genetics in play, you son could have a primary condition. Either way - no gluten, no dairy ..

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