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Just Diagnosed - Not Sure Where To Begin

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Hi, I was just diagnosed today with blood tests and I don't even know where to begin! I've been looking up which foods to avoid, and pretty much all of my regular diet contains gluten. The problem is that I live in a small island in the Caribbean, and we don't really have much gluten-free food options here. I can find gluten-free flour to make my own bread, gluten-free cereals, gluten-free pancake mix, and that's about it. Restaurants here aren't really gluten-free friendly either. I can order some gluten-free stuff online and ship them here, but that will take a while.

So my question is two-fold:

Do you have any recommendations for what basics I should order online?

What can I eat in the meantime? I'm don't even know what to take to work for lunch tomorrow!

Also, one other question - which seasonings do I need to avoid? I've been having trouble finding answers on that.


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Plain meats, fruits, and vegetables are naturally gluten-free. Rice and potatoes are gluten-free. Dairy products (cheese, milk, butter) are gluten-free unless a flavor is added. Even then, most flavorings are gluten-free.

Look for processed foods from large multinational corporations that will clearly disclose gluten. A partial list includes Kraft, General Mills, Unilever and Con Agra. Read the labels on them. If you don't see wheat, rye, barley or oats named, then the product does not contain gluten.

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Keep it simple, rice and plain meat are great options. By just keeping foods simple, you can avoid gluten without spending a ton of money. I found that by starting out simple, I could adjust and slowly explore other foods without getting overwhelmed.

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Hey Alex! And welcome...

Initially I would keep things simple. Meats, fish, fresh veggies, fruit, potatoes and rice for a couple of weeks. Salt and pepper for seasoning or whole/natural herbs. And gradually add new items one at a time.

Udi products are pretty good. I will find the link and post below.

It's often recommended to eliminate dairy for a few weeks. It can cause the same gluten-type symptoms. When some healing has taken place, most often times it can be successfully reintroduced.

Check you shampoos, lip treatments, meds for gluten ingredients or anything that can find it's way into your mouth.

I would buy a new toaster and be cautious about shared condiments with other non gluten intolerant peeps in your home.

There is a great deal of information here. I welcome you to take a walk around. :D


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