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What Do You Guys Think Of My Diet?

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Im 20 and i have cc so i eat these foods..

500 grams - 1 kg of brown rice

Chicken breasts


Variety of fruit and vegetables


I am also lactose intolerant and i avoid soy and corn what else could be included in my diet? Cheers.

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Except for the almonds, you're missing healthy saturated fats, which are necessary for maintaining good health and for absorbing fat-soluble vitamins. In those vegetables, do you consume avocados? You don't mention dairy, so I don't know if you'd be willing to eat organic (and, hopefully, grassfed) butter and cheeses, but those are good sources of healthy saturated fats, too. Olives and nut butters (except peanut butter) are also good.

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Beans, lentils, eggs, quinoa, seeds, other nuts, root vegetables can all be added if you are comfortable with them.

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Hi Pegauss,

Welcome to the site. (Imagine smiley face here). OK, don't imagine, here it i s: :D.

If you are looking for more fiber in your diet you could add psyillium husks and flax seed meal. Flax seed meal should be stored in the refrigerator or freezer, not at room temp as it goes rancid quickly. And that's bad. You can add a teaspoon to any food you eat to increase the fiber content. It's supposed to be better not to heat flax seed meal health-wise, so adding it to the food after it is cooked is the way to go. Just sprinkle some on top and stir it in. Flax seed meal and psyillium husks are both good thickeners and will thicken any soup or sauce or gravy. Flax and not the best choice for heated foods again though. CC on this forum usually refers to cross-contamination but I am pretty sure you are meaning chronic constipation?

One of my home remedies for C is a can of salty sauerkraut eaten without draining the juice. The salt tends to get things moving pretty well. Not something you want to do every day though. Another tip is not to over do the peppermint tea etc. Peppermint is a natural muscle relaxer and will relax the GI tract muscles. That can cause a problem with C if you take peepermint all the time in tea or candy or what not. The GI tract muscles need to be able to contract as well as relax. Some people recoomend magnesium fr C problems to. As a diet very low in magnesium can cause problems with the muscles contracting and relaxing cycle.

Some threads with good info:

FAQ Celiac com


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What's For Breakfast Today?


What Did You Have For Lunch Today?


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Easy yummy bread in minutes


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