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Medco/express Scripts, Gluten Free

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My Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance recommends using the mail-order Medco/Express Scripts provider.

I was 1st told by the pharmacist that they would call companies to make sure meds were gluten free

before they were sent to me.

Then when they sent me the meds, I compared them to the online gluten-free med list,

and none of their companies were on the list, so that concerned me.

So I call the company again, and I get a pharmacist who tells me that he hasn't seen a med

that has gluten in it in 20 yrs.

To tell you the truth, I was flabbergasted and didn't know how to react at all.

He told me the only gluten ingredient in med would be starch, and they don't use wheat starch anymore

in any meds.

Anyone out there w/more background than me who knows how to respond to this?

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You may want to contact the makers directly to inquire. I find if I put the companies name and the words 'contact info' in a search engine I can usually find a phone number to call. Sometimes they do have to call me back as the person who answers the phone may not have the answer. I consider that a good thing. There are some meds that are not gluten free. I take one that the name brand is not safe but the generic forms are. Should pharmacists check each one for us? Yes they should, but not all do.

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We used Medco by mail for several years until we got changed to Caremark. I never got glutened by Medco. :) (They may be a PITA in other ways -- that dreadful!, interminable music - but they kept me gluten free.)

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