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  1. I'm Celiac and lactose intolerant. But after 3 years becoming even sicker, I've finally deduced that corn was the extra culprit causing IBS that was far more painful than any gluten symptoms. Just when you think it maybe safe to venture out again, whammo, here's another ingredient to be put on the no-no list. Does anybody else have vivid dreams of eating freshly made, fluffy soft coffee scrolls with lashings of real butter? !! 😂😂
  2. This is me, exactly! I thought, when I was diagnosed with celiac disease 4 yrs ago, that I would simply adhere to gluten-free diet and all would be well again. Not so. Mind, I'm 59 this year, so to be finally diagnosed was a relief but alas the permanent damage being peripheral neuropathy and now fibro myalgia leaves me with severe chronic pain. I've recently discovered that the gluten-free cereal I was having each morning, albeit with lactose free milk (yep, I'm lactose intolerant too), was the cause of bloating and pain. So I can totally relate to the report that other cereals may 'mimic' the symptoms of celiac disease, as it's the same awfully painful scenario as having ingested gluten. I follow a strict diet of portion size and find the Fodmap diet very helpful. I'm actually a constipated coeliac, so the SR Tramadol and the FR Tramadol for break through pain or severe flare ups, causes mayhem with my constipation . My energy levels are never really higher than a four, at best, but I'm finally out of bed after 3 years, so that's a positive. Thanks for sharing your report, it helps me to not keep thinking I'm going crazy with all the food confusion. Cheers, Julie Mackay, Aust.
  3. All the above plus, "oh, so you can't eat bread". And being oblivious to undiagnosed celiac disease causing myriad organ/nerve damage.
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