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About Me

Disabled Veteran.   As the result I having undiagnosed celiac disease I had developed nervous system issues which has led to my disability and discharge.  My childhood and youth was full of ear infections and bronchitis.  Adulthood: bouts of Pneumonia until I left California.  The celiac was not discovered until 15 years after I was discharged from the Navy.  I had collapsed from a heat stroke.  I have been gluten free for 6 years.  For the first time in my life I am enjoying robust health and I am in my fifties.  If you are celiac or allergic to wheat products, I encourage you to stay gluten free.  It may be a hassle, but it is well worth it.

  1. Cannot do paleo because there's too much red meat in it. I do better with plant proteins and fish sans the wheat, barley and rye. That has solved the terrible gas. My gut works pretty well if I stay away from red meat.
  2. HFCS in me causes Dumping Syndrome. My body cannot cope with it. My issues with HFCS is what led doctors toward the celiac diagnosis.
  3. Does anyone else deal with this? Anything really fatty give me really foul smelling gas that makes my eyes burn. I am fine with fish and chicken.
  4. Raises hand - And no I have never had surgery on my gut. High Fructose Corn Syrup can trigger it. My belly makes dangerous noises and then my whole system just empties. If I have been glutened this can happen.
  5. Soda pop wipes me out. I believe it is also caramel color in it that gives me problems too. I get rashes on my scalp from drinking soda pop.
  6. Some people naturally carry fat in the midsection - especially men. So if you are still thick in the middle in the absence of stomach issues that may be your build. Hopefully not. Food ingredients that get the blame for this are simple carbs - especially high fructose corn syrup. You you...
  7. It took me years to get to my natural body weight after going gluten free. I was stick thin for the longest time. I still drop weight when I get sick. Getting your body mass back will take patience. Another possible added benefit of being gluten free - flat stomach. I looked pregnant before...
  8. Stuff fried in the same fryer as breaded items -- diarrhea and vomiting that lasts three days. Forget about Subway. I get sick every time I eat there. I'll have to take a look at the gluten digest pills to take before I eat out. All the glutening accidents have happened at restaurants.
  9. I will have a try the fasting next time I get glutened. When I get glutened I just want to lay in bed.
  10. I have a weird system. It system flushes at the drop of a hat because of its sensitivity. I consider that a blessing in disguise. So I will deliberately trigger a flush with a tablespoon of honey with cinnamon or two oranges to move the gluten out of my system. Then I do the mint tea regimen...
  11. What works for me is a tablespoon of honey with cinnamon in it. It triggers a system flush to move the gluten out of my system. Then I do the peppermint to sooth the gut and promote healing.
  12. I felt just awful for two weeks after going gluten-free. I just laid in bed feeling bloated and with pain under my ribs.
  13. Many of us celiacs deal with this. My itching is often caused by dryness of the skin due to malabsorption of oils. Skin moisturizers resolve the issue for me.
  14. Welcome to the 'club' I get this itching when exposed to gluten. I have to wash my hands after making my husbands sandwiches to prevent it.