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Periods Aches!

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Posted 18 June 2013 - 12:52 PM

I'll mention it to my doctor...like you I always think the worst, but best to get it checked.

Ps. If you find out where to get a PMA, please let me know :)

CMW/DS.... if you miss chocolate, have a look into carob, its also got some health benefits.

Ok, let me know what your doc thinks... I'll do the same and post back (wont be for about a week or so), like you say... best to get it checked out hey? :) and let me know if the potato helps you... I'll eat 5 if have to? 


PMA anyone... somebody heeeeeeelllllllp!!!! 


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Diagnosed Celiac Oct 2012 (Blood and Biopsy)
Gluten free / Dairy free / Caffeine / Almost sugar free / Tobacco free 2012. Corn free 2013
Vegetarian since 1986 / Asthmatic since 1990 / Migraines since 1998


Symptoms: Classical GI symptoms. Fibromyalgia. Odd pains. Bone aches. Severe headaches. Severe depression. Anxiety. Diagnosed with severe anaemia. Severe Vit D deficiency. Boderline Folate & B12 Defiency.


Since being gluten free... initially felt better for a month, still suffer with loose bowels, am currently struggling with many more allergies and intolerances to foods, such as dairy, egg, celery, oranges, tomatoes, quinoa, seeds,... Pressure hives (from Feb 2013) / Having bad leg aches during periods (June 2013)

(Marked in bold, these problems have been resolved)

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Posted 21 June 2013 - 10:56 AM

Hi there

Just a quickie...

Before dx 8 mths ago I had light periods every 21ish days... But i'm pretty sure I'd stopped ovulating.

Now, gluten-free 8 mths, periods are 'normal'... every 27-28 days, boobs grew back (they'd disappeared!)...and I'm sure I am ovulating again... BUT (there's always a but!!) I have been suffering the last 3 periods with really achy legs???


I have never had achy legs before with a period? I get the achy back and mild cramping, but nothing dreadful, the last 3 periods have wiped me out too... It feels a bit like a mild flu, hips thighs and knees.

Anyone had anything similar?

Many thanks

I always have aches in my legs when its that time of the month. They are horrible! I have horrible cramps and extremely heavy periods. My legs hurt to the touch. Im hoping that it will get better in a few months from going gluten free (I was only diagnosed last month)..I always figured it was fluid retention

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Posted 22 June 2013 - 03:32 AM

My leg pains only got unbearable after going gluten-free so I'm seeing doctor next week, but i'll try this....(unfortunately, I'm not sure I can take ibuprofen due to asthma).

Following info from  https://www.ubykotex...estion?id=83143 ........

If you can predict a day or two ahead of when your period usually starts, you can lessen or prevent these leg cramps by taking ibuprofen. The cramps are due to prostaglandins that are being released by your body to help shed the lining in your uterus and bring about your period. Unfortunately, prostaglandins don’t just affect the uterine muscles, but can cause cramps in other muscles too. By taking the ibuprofen before you even have cramps, you prevent the prostaglandins from having a place to attach to the muscle and cause cramps
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