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Gained Over 60Lbs And Cant Loose It.

weight gain gut healing healing time

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Cindy Anderson

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Posted 10 December 2013 - 09:36 AM

I was diagnosed 7 months ago at the age of 40 and I have gained 60 lbs. Little more complicated. I also was diagnosed with anorexia because I did not like food this is how they found out that I was celiac. I am eating more. Very diligent on the no gluten. Working on gluten in bandaids and make up and such now. But I am so frustrated and depressed about the weight. I have been added on iron for low iron, I have been put on a multi due to low nutrients, I have been put on vit d 5000 a day, I have been put on fiber and a stool softener because I am constipated all day. They have checked me for my thyroid it is just fine. They are now also checking my heart because I have developed an arrhythmia and either have signs of just had a small heart attach or on the verge of one. How long does it take a body to heal before I can start leveling off on the weight and feeling better. ANy thoughts. Oh I just had double food surgery in Feb. so the exercise has been a slow process but I move more than I did when I did not have the foot surgery.


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Posted 10 December 2013 - 05:59 PM

Hey there Cindy, :)


I really think that with the weight issue it's just depends on the person and what all is going on inside the body. I have gained a lot of weight and it has all been mostly over the last two years when I have barely been able to eat. Just to try to understand what my body was doing, I weighed myself several times when I was so sick that all I could tolerate was broth to eat, and on two separate occasions of only eating (well, I guess it's actually drinking :) ) broth I gained 7 to 10 pounds. Now if that doesn't prove that it's not all about caloric intake then I don't know what does! :blink:


My doctor told me that when your body is so damaged and trying to heal itself in an effort to protect your cells it will surround each cell with fluid, and that can make you "gain" weight really fast, but it's not true weight in the same way that, say, gaining "fat" is.

I don't completely understand it, but my sister who has had some really bad health problems had this happen to her and she gained a lot of weight, but over the past couple of years she slowly has been getting better, and she is smaller that she has ever been. I think when she really gets well completely she probably should gain a little bit back. 


All that to say, just don't give up, and don't let the weight gain get you down if you can help it. :) I try to look at it as just a part of this process to my body healing and I try, though hard at times, to not put any time constraint on myself. I don't know if that helps you at all, but I hope you can find some encouragement in it. :) But if not know that your not the only one. ;)


Hang in there and don't lose hope!

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Posted 12 December 2013 - 08:57 AM

As long as your are eating healthy and not getting even a tiny bit of gluten into your diet, your body weight should eventually level off.  Now, you should not be consuming more (or even less) that the recommended calorie amounts for your height and age (google for calorie count for you).  


You didn't mention how damaged your intestines were.  If you were a Marsh Stage III or IV, that can explain the constipation issues (no villi to push that food through!)  It takes time to heal villi!


Think about gentle swimming or water aerobics for exercise, provided your doctor approves it (e.g. current heart issues).  


It took you years to get sick and it will take a few years to get better.  Please be patient and embrace the new healthier you!  

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Posted 11 March 2014 - 01:40 PM

I have been diagnosed with Celiac for a little over a year now, and I also have gained more weight being on a Gluten Free diet. It's EXTREAMLY FUSTRATING. I have always been over weight due to a Thyroid issue but with meds I have been able to keep it somewhat under control and have stayed healthy other then the weight issue. Now I feel like its a bigger battle and I hate it so much. This weight gain is really scaring me.


If you too, have experienced weight gain what have you done with the diet to help it? Could really use some insight.



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Posted 12 March 2014 - 11:08 AM

Try eating a more natural diet like eating Fresh veggies and Meat instead of a bunch of gluten-free pre packaged foods. Alot of gluten-free pre packaged foods have alot of corn in it. If we eat to much of it. Guess what it does? It makes us gain weight. Since I have been corn intolerant it makes it so much easier to eat. Fresh fresh fresh! :) Just a suggestion.

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