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Skin Prick Test?

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Posted 31 May 2004 - 07:49 AM

That's interesting. I wonder if anyone has gotten their celiac disease and whatever else they have problems with under control and eleminated their inhalent allergies. I'm about to start allergy shots. In fact, the allergist I went to felt that all my symtpoms over the years were just my immune system over reacting due to my being sick all the time growing up. Sounds good but I never understood how just doing allergy treatments would rid my body of all these different things. I will continue with him however this gluten-free/celiac disease thing comes out. Hugs, Carol B (who hasn't learned how to use the smilies ect or I'd use them. :-) )
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Hugs, Carol B Enterolab diagnosed gluten sensitive and casein allergic June 04

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Posted 31 May 2004 - 09:54 AM

Dessa - positive scratch testing to grasses does not mean you are allergic to all grains - allergists typically only do the tests for varieties of grasses that grow in your geographic area and produce pollen. Most allergists are looking for allergens (ie triggers that cause a reaction) that are inhaled (ie pollens). Food allergies are not typically diagnosed by skin testing. So your positive test to grasses means that you react to the pollen of grasses that you inhale on windy days during pollen season (ususally spring and summer) or that you contact with your skin (by sitting on grassy lawns).

As for your reaction to rice cakes...you may be allergic to rice (although this is not a commen allergy) or you may be sensitive to something in the rice cake (flavorings or contamination by the factory)...to test yourself, try eating plain boiled rice that you make yourself, or baby rice cereal.

yes, you can be both allergic to wheat and a celiac...it is good to know the difference because with celiac disease you need to avoid all gluten , not just wheat. A celiac might test positive on skin testing to wheat if he gets skin reactions to gluten contact. Someone with a wheat allergy only (not celiac disease) will only have temporary (although can be severe) reactions to ingestion, but someone with celiac disease who ingests gluten will trigger all sorts of autoimmune reactions that can have long-lasting and multi-system effects.

I also have significant environmental allergies (dust and mold) and have just started allergy shots after years of misery despite multiple medications. I don't think there is any relation between celiac disease and allergies - they are mediated by different pathways in the immune system.
does this help?
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Sara gluten-free since 9/03



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Posted 31 May 2004 - 02:21 PM

Thank you, Sara, for the information. The allergist said that my reaction to food is not "allergic", but an intestinal one. I just have never had a food make my tongue go numb and my mouth swell before. I'm not sure what is going on with my body and food, so I will be asking my regular doctor a lot of questions on the third!
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