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Activia Yogurt

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Posted 23 March 2006 - 09:24 AM

Natural Flavoring should ALWAYS be a red flag, until you know what the source of the flavoring is.

As for Vingar, there is more to Vingar then just what is distilled..
Alot of ppl have problems with YEAST, again, and I want to repeat this so that others that come across this thread months from now see it, just becuase you react to a food does not mean it has gluten in it. It could be cross contimantion, but in most cases when its a known gluten free source (or a known and test gluten removeal process like distilling) its a reaction to a another ingredinet, another intolerence or algerie that you may or may not know of yet. Vingart is not PURELY the grain source, and you never have a garrentee its not contimanted with somthing elese, yes even gluten.

Thanks for the detailed info--Wow. Yes, I believe I am going to have to reconsider yeast as an issue. There IS still something that has me just "not right". Thank you for your persistance and guidance. I have had a lot of time to think the last few days, as I have glutened myself again, and was extraordinarily sick for the last 4 days. I should have known the night I stayed up all night typing to you all that something was wrong!! Because I felt SO GOOD! (I guess I am one of those people that gets the whole endorphin rush thing, because sometimes if I eat bad stuff, I FEEL SO FANTASTIC AND ENERGETIC AND HAPPY for a while--until the CRASH!! I used to think that was what "drunk" was all about.) I had taken a chance on trying some Pepsi, and I also ate 2 bites of a marshmallow bar that was "clean" when I read it--the first time. After I had puked my breakfast, guts and socks up the next day-- I thought maybe it was the Pepsi. I almost forgot the 2 bites of marshmallow bar--So Good! ^_^ Irony of Ironies--it had VANILLIN as the last ingredient on a line by itself. I just didn't see it. And here I had stayed up half the night talking about flavorings and I SPECIFICALLY told someone with a chocolate Q that vanillin was just vanilla flavored grain alcohol-a cheap flavoring-as far as I knew.
Well, now I KNOW that any chocolate with VANILLIN is OFF THE LIST for me at least!! I usually don't actually vomit if I eat something wrong, but I am STILL shaky and "hungover" feeling--even today. It would actually be kind of nice to puke every time I ate the wrong thing--at least then I would know right away I had eaten something bad, instead of feeling crappy for 4 days and then trying to figure it out.
As I said, though, I have had much time to think and be humbled. I will try removing yeast--(Thanks also to Kabowwoman for input) Sometimes, we do not notice divine intervention from such a "technological" source, and I am guilty of thinking you were "threatening my ability to be right". I was arguing my point maybe too much and missing what you were trying to tell me. I was stuck. God will come in and give us a reality check, and He did. Gave me a few days to think about how I was behaving, and arguing the help of one of his messengers to me. Thank You again.
I don't want to make this my confessional, but there is a spiritual journey here involved too, and when you have 4 days to lie on your back, and are honest with your spirit self, much growth can be accomplished, especially anywhere there is "friction". I believe all of us Celiacs and DH people are trusted with a special set of challenges by Him. But He didn't ask us to do it alone-even tho we may have felt that way at times--He gave us this forum, supportive families-as evidenced by ChelsE's lovely "Love" thread, and He personally gave me VydorScope.
Thanks for the link back to more "Love" VydorScope, after these last days, it was much appreciated.
I am now also looking for "environmental offenders" in my 1872 home, as well as the yeast. Perhaps the molds in the basement and mildew etc. are giving me more trouble than I dared to look at. Recently, we had terrible storms here and like 5 inches of water came through the basement wall!! Onto the floors which are all DIRT. 135 year old dark damp, now soppy wet dirt floors. Maybe the mold is "sporing" because it was threatened by the "great flood!!" and that is ALSO contributing. When I think of it, how can it NOT? (I DO keep my home very clean BTW-just that we have stripped TONS of wallpaper-(WHEATPASTE DUST) and mildew grows on all the pocketdoors like crazy!! All the "dust" in the house is comprised of things that I may be especially sensitive to. I have tried to ignore this "way too big for me to handle" problem. But ONE light illuminates the whole room, and if I have yeast problems, I probably have others. I was always the tough one...You Know? I hate to think I am so "wimpy". I must learn that these sensitivities do not make me weak. They are giving me a chance to become wiser..if I would just listen. I am listening now. Let go of my shirt already! With Much Humility Dove
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Posted 26 July 2011 - 04:45 PM

I would like to add that I was foolish enough to get the Activia with the extra fiber (assuming that since I've been ok with the regular Activia that I didn't need to look at the label for this one because it would be safe too). Boy do I ever regret that now. I just ate half of it, then noticed the bright yellow letters on the side that said "Contains Gluten." I now have those familiar sharp stomach cramps and am waiting to get sick.
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Posted 27 July 2011 - 07:56 PM

I'd like to put in a plug for Greek style yogurts, particularly Fage. I can't vouch for the fruit flavors, because I only buy the plain or honey flavored. Now, the little individual 5oz servings are expensive (around $1.50 each) but handy to tote around. Lately, I've been buying the larger tub--the plain and fat free and then buying my own honey and adding a tablespoon (or two or three...). This is really inexpensive, but a pain if you're taking it to work for lunch.

I like Greek yogurt because it's thicker and less drippy and runny than regular yogurt. Incidentally this makes it perfect for those with spatial orientation issues, blindness and/or hand/facial tremors--it tends to stay on the spoon and not drip off. You can also use it in place of creme fraiche or sour cream.

Geesh...I sound like a commercial!
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