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Posted 23 January 2007 - 07:20 AM

I am one who gets anxiety and, to a lesser degree, depression from gluten.

Before I was gluten-free, (I was sick, but undiagnosed for 20 years) I would get panic attacks out of nowhere. These almost always occured at restaruants.(!)

It's gotten somewhat better--I've been gluten-free for a year and a half. I still get anxiety and feel very sad and even paranoid when glutened.

I did try an antidepressant, but the side effects were too much. I'm holding off on trying another--I may try St. John's Wort first.

Try Wellbutrin XL 300mg per day. Works like a charm for the depression and anxiety. Tricylics and other antidepresants will cause you to gain weight and will quite working in about 3 months so you have to keep getting more and more and more. so not use St John's Wort if you have other autoimmune conditions as this supplement may interact. do your research carefully. Hope this helps!
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Posted 06 March 2007 - 12:39 PM

I know the turkey question is an old one, but wanted to add something... We use a baking bag when we cook turkey or sometimes big chicken. It cuts down on the time. When you do this, or even if you don't, it is customary for us to put a couple of tbls. of flour in the bag. Also, some may add flour wtih salt and pepper to skin. So, when eating out, you'd have to worry about the injected stuff or if flour was used. Just occurred to me I made a delicious soup with Turkey frozen from my pre DX days (DX only one month). Just realized, I can't eat the darn thing. :( . Thanks for all the info. on anxiety, I will keep reading this forum, just started but it is helpful, all these things that you experienced but didn't tell or just thought it was me and I was crazy. Feel better all ready, although need to lose weight. Will follow some advice, more pure food. I find I am eating more lactose free milk, and my pizza is good, but this is probably why weight is up not down. Thanks. Maeve
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Miki S

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Posted 21 May 2007 - 08:06 PM

I too experience so many emotional troubles with gluten. I was a fairly bright talented kid and changed overnight. Of course my family hasnt liked me much since ,they think Im crazy. I developed an eating disorder got pregnant at 17......not to blame it all on gluten and allergies but my experience is that coping skills for already excisting problems are virtually not there when gluten is injested. Gastero intestinal issues came out 10 years ago, first as weight loss and d, then the opposite. I am also short at 5 feet and the rest of my family is tall. So many years of doctor hopping marriage issues and antideprssants later(which never worked) I found a doctor that listened. She took my history height and did blood work and diagnosed me celiac. Mainly on how much the diet improved me. My gastero appointment is not for another 6 months so she advised me to go gluten free anyways and forget about the biopsy, Im going anyways cause my grandma who was the only other short stature in my family died of lymphoma(interestingly enough she got sick on wheat)I can definatly tell the difference!!! It was so bad that I started to get seizure symptoms from vitamin deficiencies. I had already been low gluten and thought It was wheat that triggered the symptoms,now realize that it was gluten and casien. Has any of your family been understanding? Mine arent, I have to stay clear of most. I see that some of you are christians have you made your church your home? I have three sons,one of which is autistic and the other two my doctor is shure they have celiac, I will always try to support my kids, feeling alone is the wost part of this illness. My hubby tries his best!!! This forum is probably an excellent way to get support everyone is going through some of the same things!!EXCELLANT!!!

Hi Natural Momma! I've been learning alot about celiac in the past few months and finding that I feel much better off of gluten as well. I know have more energy and don't seem as depressive as before. I've also got nut, milk and egg allergy... so learning to cook properly has been a lot of fun... actually. Very creative! :D Naturalmomma, do you know of a support group, or Celiac Association in Chilliwack? Please let me know Miki S
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