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Stevia ~~ A Safe Sweetener ~~

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Some celiacs find the years of gluten poisoning has caused many other health ailments. Some are looking for safe sweeteners to replace sugar. Some are wondering why the FDA's "safe" altenative sweeteners make them feel like death. That's because the FDA has approved sweet things that will kill you slowly and rot your brain to swiss cheese with neurotoxins. Aspertame is being touted, once again, as SAFE by the FDA.

These fake sugars are not safe.

These fake sugars are poison.

The FDA would have like to keep the lid on STEVIA longer because the sugar industry and the fake sugar substitute industry paid them to keep STEVIA off the market, and it worked for a long time.

So, for those who don't know, and are reading the new reports from the FDA that aspertame and the like are ! SAFE ! ....

Listen, go get yourself some Stevia. Not all Stevia is perfect. Some has a bitter aftertaste. I experimented a bit and found the Stevia by NOW is really good. It says "No aftertaste" and it's a bit of a lie, but really easy to get used to.


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I agree that Stevia deserves respect, and has received quite the opposite from the FDA. From what I've read, there are some very rotten things going on within the FDA.

As for the brands of Stevia, I researched it before purchasing any, and came to the conclusion that the Stevita brand was the one to get. I think it's good, but not having a sweet tooth I don't use it like other folks probably do. It would be interesting to hear from those whom have compared it to some of the other brands.


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You need to be aware of Stevia though! It's in the Family of "Ragweed". I'm Allergic to Ragweed, and started feeling itchyafter eating it.

I avoid it, and others with ragweed allergies should use caution.


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You need to be aware of Stevia though! It's in the Family of "Ragweed". I'm Allergic to Ragweed, and started feeling itchyafter eating it.

I avoid it, and others with ragweed allergies should use caution.

This is so important, I didn't know about the relationship until after I had blisters from the roof of my mouth as far as I could see down my throat. For those who are not allergic though it is a great product.


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      Welcome!   If you suspect you might have an issue with gluten, you should really get tested for celiac disease.  At least rule it out before you go gluten free.  Why?  There are so many other health issues that can be related to celiac disease.  Here's some information about getting an easy blood test: If you suspect allergies (reference your edema), I would see an allergist too.   I wish you well! 
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      so i was just recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and I am having trouble wrapping my head around it.... While i know that maintaining a gluten free diet is going to help me feel better - i can't get over the fact that i cannot eat my favorite foods anymore.. no more pizza, no more pasta, no more wheat thins.......... yes i realize there are gluten free versions of all of these but it's obviously just not the same.  I can't just go out and grab a couple drinks at the bar with my friends anymore..... i really do not know how to handle this and it's already wearing me down.  I feel like after living for 28 years my entire life has flipped upside down and everything is going to change... i'm sorry for sounding like such a lost puppy but i just wanted to vent a little bit and see how you all deal with this... i told my friends about it and they act like it is so not a big deal at all but to me it feels like my world has come crashing down 
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      Would hot yoga help the puffiness in face due to other food sensitivities? or Asuanas? How to determine if you have a histamine intolerance or other food sensitivities? 
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      I hope you do well on your new diet cristiana, whatever it turns out to be.  Another site with lots of paleo diet info is Marks Daily Apple.  He also lists cooking oils that are good for you vs bad for you to eat.  Try searching his site for topics of interest.  I am not too interested in the paleo diet backstory as such.  But it seems like a good diet for many people to try at least. The diabetes forum has good info also, from people with diabetes vs doctors.  They used to have a chat for people to ask questions, but I don't know i that is still active.  From memory, some of the people there limited themselves to 1 cracker a day's worth of carbs.  And they were off their medication completely.   Mostly against doctors advice about diet, but some doctors give bad advice about diabetes to people.  Like telling people they have to eat carbs to be healthy, which is not true.
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      Good evening, I tested positive about 15 years ago. I have a 3 year old son and a 1 year old daughter. I just had them both tested for Celiac's. Ped ran a celiac panel. My son the nurse said was all in normal range however my daughters IGA total was 23, range (24-121) so she test positive. The doctor wants to run more blood work to make sure it's not a false positive. My gut says she has it. She does not like any bread or cookies so she really only gets gluten from pasta and goldfish so to even test positive on an almost gluten-free diet make me concerned. Is there anything I should ask the doctor to test for or better tests for kids? I just don't want to miss anything.  Before when I would bring it up at visits the doctors always said that since they did not have any failure to thrive ( always top of growth charts) that they weren't showing any symptoms. I never had any issues with losing weight.  My only complains or constipation joint pain and gas which she has both. Thanks for any advice.    
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