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Top Five Reasons To Get A New Doctor

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Posted 29 November 2010 - 03:23 PM

Go to the doc feeling completely exhausted and achey. Was told, you have three kids, you want some antidepressants? Take some iron your ferritin is 2.

Go to second doc, tell him about ferritin of 2 and he says you have celiac and does the tests. Go back to doc number one, tell him I am celiac and he says, thats a simple test, why didn't you ask me to run it?
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Posted 29 November 2010 - 07:55 PM

(after years of debilitating symptoms that magically went away after going gluten-free)

Me: I went gluten free and all those symptoms I've had for five years went away, including the daily bouts of excruciating facial pain.

Doc (after a year of near indifference): Facial pain? Let me check your sinuses....... They look fine. Here is a prescription for antibiotics. Come back in three weeks for a physical because you're overdue for one.

***Three weeks later***

Doc: If you still want that celiac test, you can get it today, but your insurance probably won't pay for it (Doc leaves).

Me (to nurse): I've been gluten free for over two months. Would I even pop positive if I had it?

Nurse: That's a good question. Let me check with the lab guy. (Leaves. A flurry of typing is heard from around the corner.)

Nurse: We think so. It's an antibody, and antibodies last for years. Think of smallpox vaccines... Besides, you may think you are gluten free, but gluten free means a lot more than not eating bread. You'd also have to avoid rye, barley, beer, and just about every prepackaged food.

***Three weeks later***

Me (calling on phone): Hi, you said my test results would be in a week ago....

Receptionist: Sorry, let me see if the doc left any notes for you. Hrmm, there is nothing to worry about, your physical looks great, you are perfectly healthy, except that your vitamin D is alarmingly low. Doc recommends you buy the sublingual drops that we sell here...
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Posted 30 November 2010 - 06:54 PM

My first biopsy result - "You just have some ulcers in your small intestines, take more Protonix and Prilosec". My 2nd biopsy result, after 8 months of unresolved issues, a stomach emptying study, etc all negative - "You just have A LOT of ulcers in your small intestines. Have you been taking your Prilosec?" (they had doubled my dose between biopsy result 1 and 2. Thank god for the GI nurse practitioner that suggested I try gluten-free even though the blood test was negative. I went back to gluten at the doctor's recommendation and got sick again almost immediately, and haven't been back to it since. They still deny that I have Celiac in spite of inconclusive biopsy (due to what they called ulcers but was who knows what in reality) because my blood test was negative. <_<

Seeing a new doctor soon, hopefully they're a bit more understanding or I'll be shopping around for a new doc. Insurance changes suck, I had the best doctor ever that actually would discuss things with you and had an ounce of respect for his patients. Most of them look down on you even more if you're in the medical profession and can understand what lab levels or anything means, heaven forbid (I'm a nurse).
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Seante Wilson

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Posted 27 April 2012 - 10:02 PM

LOL this is great...once I went to the hospital because the antibiotic they gave me made me ill and the nurse that I told I had Celiac handed me a cracker and said this will help....LOLOLOLOL
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