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Iberian Peninsula - Where I Ate/shopped.

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Posted 04 August 2007 - 09:18 AM

Until yesterday, I had spent the last 5 weeks living and studying in Madrid, Spain. There were 80 or so of us from Georgia. I took 2 weekend trip- Lisbon, Portugal, and Barcelona-and a few day trips. I stayed at a Colegio in the city and M-Th had lunch and dinner there and breakfast everyday. After the first week I was lucky enough that the women/men who worked in the kitchen asked me for a list of my “allergies” and they were familiar with Celiacs. Instead of saying I am a vegan I just listed everything under allergies. So, from then on I had special food or vegan/gluten-free options of what my classmates and professors ate. That really helped out and I had lots of vegetables/rice/soup/fruit. I did eat out at a few gluten-free places and a few regular ones but mostly bought a lot of food and took it with me. I happen to be studying Spanish, so, I can pretty much read labels and know what if safe and what is not. If you do not know Spanish you HAVE to learn some before going to Spain because most people do NOT speak English and if they do they aren’t that good but there are exceptions. In Portugal I found it the same way. However, most people seem familiar with Celiacs and can tell you where the special stores are. In the Iberian Peninsula the main meal is lunch. Here is a list of most of the things I bought, most of where I shopped, and most of the places I ate at.

Schär Fette Biscottate-
4,51 € and 30 in a package.
-These are delicious, crunchy, and flavourful! I like to carry some in a bag in my purse when going out in case I cannot eat anything. The texture is perfect and it is hard to believe they are gluten-free.

Schär Crackers-
3,49 € and 30 +/- in a package.
-These crackers are sort of bland. However, they are good to have around to snack on, or in my case, to eat with fruit at lunch. I have not planned on buying them again, though.

Schär Panini-
Just over 2 € and 4 in a package.
-These are delicious! You do not have to bake them and I carried some around in my purse to eat on day trips. The texture and taste is so light and delicious. They do not even taste gluten-free!

Schär Baguette-
Around 4 € and 2 in a package.
-These require an oven. My Mom and I baked one up when I arrived home and WOW! We loved it. The outside was crisp and the inside soft. I dipped mine in spaghetti sauce. My Mom said “it was very good.”

Churrería’s Snack Y Golo-
0,92 € for a medium bag.
-These chips were what I was craving! They are clearly label gluten-free and they were not too salty. The smaller bag size helped me not eat so many!

Santiveri Tostadas Ligeras-
1,85 € and 20 in a package.
-These rectangles have the texture and taste of cheese puff minus the cheese and in a different shape. They are terribly good and different from other products I have had. This is one of the products I have most enjoyed and have purchased frequently.

Santiveri Galletas Tipo María-
1,60 € and 20 +/- in a package.
-Wow, these things are a sweet that I was craving for. They are cinnamon in flavour and a cookie that “melts” in your mouth. They are sweet and light and defiantly not a food to just snack away on.

Santiveri Corn Flakes-
2,10 € for a smallish bag.
-These corn flakes taste just like the ones at home but with a lot less sugar. It was good to have something “normal.”

Santiveri Bizcocho Al Cocoa-
4,50 € and 4 in a package.
-These are not vegan but are vegetarian. I bought them for my brother because they are mini chocolate little cakes. He said they were good!

Santiveri Corn Flakes With Dried Fruit-
4,25 € in Barcelona for a smallish/medium.
-These were really good but too pricey. I kept snacking on mine and also ate some for breakfast.

Santiveri Galletas-
My friend bought them, so, I do not know the price and 180 grams.
-These are a bit bland and are corn based. They were nice to snack on, though.

Santiveri Panecillos Redondos-
A few € and 6 rolls in a package.
-I have not tried these yet but they look good and require no baking.

Beiker Pan Chapata Sin Gluten-
Between 2 and 3 € and 2 in a package.
-These require an oven, so, I have not tested them yet but they look good!

Beiker Colin Rustico Sin Gluten-
2, 27 for 115 grams.
-These are too hard to eat on your own. They are like spiral breadsticks that would be good with soup or something to soften them up.

La Finestra Sul Cielo Biscotti di Mais all’ uvetta-
3,55 € and 175 grams.
-These gookies biscuits/cookies were a bit dry but had raisin bits in them. They were also oddly (more hilariously) shaped- like little breast- which made them even funnier to eat.

Semper’s Kolakakor Kolakeksit-
3,49 € and 13+/- in a package.
-These are DELICIOUS! I love them but they are really sweet and over priced but yummie!

Plamil’s Gluten-Free And Vegan Chocolate-
Around 2 € for a bar.
-This product is (in English) marked clearly gluten-free and for vegans! I have to admit I could eat 20 of these and actually did it a lot. I love chocolate and this was so nice to have. I contacted them and they currently have no U.S. distributors, waw!


El Corte Inglés-
They are all over Spain and there was even one in Lisbon, Portugal. They are huge department stores that sell everything under the sun. Similar to a Wal-Mart, this store sells higher end merchandise (nothing but the food is reasonable priced, I think) but is good for the supermercado. Each one is set up differently but they all have a Sin Gluten section- some have more products than others! Most of the employees can direct you there. You can find breads (to eat now or back at home), cookies, sweets, snack foods, mixes, pastas, and all other gluten-free things. The process are not that bad compared to America and it is nice to be able to find things sin gluten. Most products have ingredients listed in many different languages. GB will have British English but some will only have Spanish. If you know a little Spanish and have questions about those an employee can usually help. They are stationed at every section and usually the health food part has one or 2 employees of its own. I shopped at the one’s in Madrid, Portugal, and Barcelona.

Tiendas Santiveri-
Plaza Mayor, 24
28012 Madrid
I could only find one of these stores and was directed there by a man working a small deli. Most of the other stores in plaza Mayor can point you to this store if you ask where the comida sin gluten is. The store is at one corner of the plaza and very accessible. In there they sell only Santiveri items, I think. The staff is knowledgeable and you can find Santiveri products that El Corte Inglés does not have (they do have a lot of these products, though).
CL Balmes, 5
08007 Barcelona
There seem to be many of these and I saw two but only shopped at one. Be sure to double check the prices.

Via Laietana, 28
-This shop sells lots of things and has a good selection of gluten-free products. The one I went to was right downtown.



No Solo Pasta-
Calle Santiago, 3
28013 Madrid
-I had read reviews on-line and on on-line newspapers about this restaurant (which has more than one restaurant, I believe). The one in Madrid near Plaza Mayor is only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during typical Spanish lunch and dinner hours (this means late!). I went with two friends when they opened at 9:00 PM on Friday for dinner. The employees that night did not speak English and I am sure most do not any night. Upon arriving I told our waitress “yo tengo Celíacos” and she knew exactly what was going on! What a nice surprise! On their regular menu they also have listed the gluten-free options (you can see them on their website, too). I also told her of my other allergies, which she told the kitchen when placing my order. I got the vegetarian pizzeta. They brought me out a bread dough roll to eat while they brought out little breadsticks for my non-Celiac friends. They also brought out some pig intestine thing, I think, and a Santiveri Tostada Ligera. I ate the latter. The food, both gluten and gluten-free, looked yummie and tasted fabulous. When they brought the check (it is hard to get separate checks in Europe) they had two cadies for my friends and a gluten-free candy for me! My meal cost 12,60 € not including a drink (we had free iced tap water).

Vegetarian Art-
C/ Fernán González, 77?
28009 Madrid
-This place is all vegetarian and has its gluten-free and vegan options marked and there are A LOT. It is more expensive but so yummie. 4 of us went and 2 of us, including me, had grilled vegetables, another falafels, and the last only had a piece of cake. All of us enjoyed our food and the waitress was helpful. While the name is English they do not speak it there. The décor might scare you away (so many fairies) but the food is worth it. Mine cost 15,00 €.

Avenida Machupichu, 16
28043 Madrid
-This place has so many gluten-free options and clearly marks the pizzas so they know when preparing which pizza is which. They do not speak English but they are informed about Celiacs. I had a vegan vegetable pizza and my friend had a gluten-free non-vegetarian/vegan salad that she adored. This place isn’t too easy to get to but a 10 minute walk from the metro. It is worth it!

- I went to this restaurant with the majority of my classmates and professors. It was a planned thing and I was allowed to order a salad (you have to specify what you want on your salad because Spanish salads are almost always not American salads). Some of the tapas were gluten-free but only one vegan, too. That would be the peppers and they were good but not so sweet nor spicy. Tapas are a Spanish tradition and worth getting in Spain, especially when you can choose the tapas.

El Madroño-
Calle Latoneros, 10
28005 Madrid
-I went out here the night before my birthday. They were nice about finding something for me to eat. Since it was tapas, I had the grilled mushrooms and split a salad with my friend, Maria. She had garlic shrimp which would be gluten-free but not vegetarian/vegan.


On the same street as Hotel Alif if you walk away from the bull ring.
-I am sure there were more gluten-free and vegan things at this normal Chinese restaurant but all I ordered was white rice. It was good and filling and only 0,90 €. The waiter did not speak English nor Spanish.

Casa México-
Av. D. Carolos I, 140
-We were lucky that our waiter spoke excellent English. I asked her about the Mexican rice and told her I had a lot of allergies. She took this very seriously without me having to ask her to find out more information from the kitchen for me. She took it upon herself and told me she would go back and ask all the ingredients and came back making sure I could eat every single food in the rice and the oil used to cook it. I was so pleased and the rice was delicious and hot! I am sure they have more gluten-free food but this is what I had been craving. The restaurant is on the more expensive side (in American minds) and my rice was 2,00 €.


Tra Bal-
Balmes, 203
08008 Bacelona
-They have a gluten-free menu! They also tell you what specials/seasonal items on their regular menu are gluten-free. Nothing on the gluten-free menus was vegan but they have pasta! So, they made me a special vegan tomato sauce for the pasta, which was so nice! The staff was great and explained everything to us. One of my friends had a gluten-free but not vegan salad that she liked.

Tijuana (there are two)-
Comte Borrell, 296
08036 Barcelona
-This is a Tex-Mex place but also has Spanish/Barcelona specials. The menu at the restaurant has everything gluten-free marked on there. Plus, the staff worked with me to find vegan options. I had the summer seasonal gazpacho and Mexican rice.
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Posted 10 August 2007 - 07:10 PM

Kristina, thanks for making such a detailed post about where/what you ate. I'm sure it will be useful for other people planning on traveling to Spain. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. Let's catch up soon....
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Posted 11 August 2007 - 05:21 AM

Sounds like you had a great trip! Thanks for all of the information :)
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Posted 18 June 2010 - 06:47 PM


Can you please me a bit more about the restaurants in Barcelona? Where are they located? Are they close to the tourist centre?

Thank you.
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