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Just Want To Feel Better

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I am still pretty new here. Diagnosed 4 months ago. Felt better pretty quickly on the Gluten-Free diet but still had "reactions". I found out theses reactions were due to leaky gut. Anyhow my first 3 months were pretty up and down but the 4th month was sheer heaven - until a week ago. I had french fries that were fried in the same oil as gluten foods. I knew this was an experiment- but I am not feeling better a week later. It must have really inflamed my gut. I am really upset about this and have no energy to do anything. I feel like I have a flu like symptoms. Just days before I was on top of the world at a race- got on the podium, had a major breakthrough and set a new personal best. I know I am on the right track overall but just feel like I took a huge step backwards. I went from that to not enough energy to get out of bed.

For the leaky gut I am taking-


high quality fish oil

turmeric (just started)


aloe vera juice

b complex


muiltivite w/ iron

what am i missing? I think the autoimmune reaction from food leaking out of the gut is attacking my thyroid (at one point had a mis-diagnosis of hypothroid). My thyroid was a bit low but was not the cause - celiac is the cause of all this. should I be adding something for my thyroid?

Just want to feel better. I know I'm rambling but I can't talk about this stuff with people who don't understand and I know how good it feels when things are going well (didn't know what that felt liek until about a month ago). I was undiagnosed for many years.


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Reactions for some people can last longer than a week; next time you are tempted to live dangerously realize that you may suffer from it for a long time. There is nothing like experience to learn from.

Did you have a full thyroid work-up or just TSH, free T3 and T4, or maybe just TSH? Doctors are often reluctant to do full thyroid testing.

One thing you might add to your supplement regimen are some digestive enzymes to help break down your food. Celiac can negatively impact the ability of the pancreas to produce enough enzymes.

Hope you are feeling better soon and that you have learned the cross-contamination lesson ;)


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When I'm glutened sometimes I must lay off the vitamins a while. Probiotics, enzymes yes. Vitamins, D's, iron - no.

Just a thought. Gives me nausea and makes me feel gross and exhausted. When my stomach settles down I start them back up.

Did they test you for Hashimotos? if you had a high tsh and are Hashis gluten-free may help but I doubt it will fix it, judging by others experiences (and mine). If your thyroid function has degraded to a certain point you need thyroid replacement. Hypothyroidism can cause extreme exhaustion, and it can be barely out of whack and give you terrible symptoms.

I've been glutened about 4 times since going gluten-free (that I know of). One time it set off an AI attack that lasted 2 months. I figured out (because my seasonal allergies got bad during this time) that antihistimines helped snuff down the ai attack. I took 1 children's Claritin every day, then every other day for a few months. It really helped. My ND wasn't thrilled with my solution but I weaned off them.

My other attacks have lasted a few weeks.

Btw blood work during that ai attack supported the ai attack theory. My TPO antibodies went up, tsh went sky high, crp elevated...I was a mess. Just had new blood work done and will find out results next week.


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Yeah learning about cross-contamination is a hard lesson.

I tested french fries, then kissing a gluten eater, then products made on shared lines but with no gluten ingredients. Ugh to all of them. The reaction lasts weeks and it is hard to get out of bed and I can't wait to get back into it. I can't take all my vitamins either when healing. After a week or two I can.

I hope your reaction doesn't last long and you can stay gluten free.


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    • Awok, Welcome to the forum.  Have you considered trace gluten?  Here is a study on the topic: It could explain why you felt good for a while.  I personally was glutened badly last summer.  I have no idea what got me.  I suspect either a prescription medication or one gluten free product (not certified).  I ended up on a whole foods diet and avoided even certified processed gluten-free foods including grains until I was healed (three to six months).  
    • I've had a range of symptoms in the last 2 months and in the past few weeks I have discovered that my TTG abs (igA) levels were 41 (my igA tests were fine). The doctor said that he is pretty much certain that it is celiac disease and I am awaiting an endoscopy to confirm it.  Before I found out that my TTG abs (igA) levels were high, I noticed that my body was reacting really badly to dairy products. I went on an elimination diet and stopped all gluten and dairy products and felt much better. I carried this on after my results and thought that I must have developed a dairy intolerance due to my celiac. 2 days ago I accidentally consumed a glass of wine which I thought was dairy free but it contained Milk. I have not had any gluten.  I am currently in the middle of a flare up. All of a sudden rashes have started to appear on my hands and my anxiety has returned (usually not a anxious person). No diarhhoea, vomiting or digestive issues. I am currently suffering from muscle twitching, rashes predominantly on hands and feet, brain fog, pins and needles/numbness on hands, feet and arms. However, I have been tested for milk allergy and this came back negative. Is it possible that it is dairy that is causing my symptoms/autoimmune reaction and could this be a reason for elevetated TTG abs (igA) levels. Or has the doctor only picked up my celiac and missing something else. If it was dairy intolerance then I would have digestive issues but I don't seem to have any. Could it be the casein protein?  Anyone been in a similar situation or can anyone provide some insight? 
    • Hello Everyone, This is my first post here and I am writing to seek help from experienced people here. I have been suffering for over 4 years now and still no where close to having a solution/ satisfactory diagnosis of my problem. My problems started in Mar 2012 with sudden diarrhea which would not go away for days. At first, I was given general antibiotics medication which would help bring down the frequency for some days and then it would come back. Since then it has been going on. I am giving a time line and the series of tests and procedures I have gone through. Would like opinion from experienced and experts here. I can send the scans and reports if required. Would really appreciate the help. Male, Indian origin Mar 2012 - onset of symptoms - multiple bouts diarrhea - spaced 3-4 weeks, bloating, weight loss (to start with I was 74 Kgs), GP managed with antibitocs and loperamide for months Dec 2012 - consulted a GI doc towards end of 2012, Colonoscopy done - conclusion was "IBS" - was advised to manage stress. use Rifaximin and immodium Jan 2013 - Aug 2013 kept moderately fine for 3-4 months ..again started getting frequent diarrhea + weight loss (was around 70 Kgs) Oct 2013 - Consulted another doc, MD - stool and blood test - Ecoli and high Eosinophil Count, medication done for 5-6 months, montinored eosinophil from nov - Mar: always kept high.. came down but then again shot up in a month Mar 2014 - Consulted another GI expert - Endoscopy and duodenal biopsy done - H Pylori and Unremarkable Villious pattern, (weight 68 Kgs) - On and Off diarrhea continued. Given: Ivermectin July 2014 - again same doc - Blood test done: High Eosinophil count,  Colonoscopy and Ileum biopsy - preserved villous architecture, features of eosinophilic enteritis; Endoscopy  + duodenal biospy again - numerous H pylori bacteria, Preserved villous crypt ratio, features of eosinophilic enteritis > conclusion: I have eosinophilic enteritis. Started on Prednisolone (steroids) Aug 2014 - 3-4 days of severe diarrhea> weight came down to 65 Kgs. Hospitalised for 3 days - continued on Prednisolonerios Sep 2014 - After 10 days only again a serious bout of diarrhea - hospitalized again - put on IV fluid for 8 days - weight 59 Kgs. Colonoscopy + biopsy done: features of superimposed c. difficile colitis, non-specific mild colitis > c. difficle test came out negative. CT Enterolysis +Scan done: mesenteric lymphadenopathy > nothing wrong acc to docs. IgA deficiency found - diagnosed Celiac - advised for Gluten free diet.   Sep 14 - May 16: continued gluten-free diet, gained weight upto 63 Kg in Jan 16, but then started losing again and came to 59 Kgs in May. No signficant diarrhea. Minor issues. June 16 onwards: Again diarrhea started, still on gluten-free diet, weight lost - 54 Kgs now. hospitalised again under same GI doc - blood test - eosinophil high, CT Enterolysis done: Showing mucosal thickening in Jejunum and Ileum; Enteroscopy (going in jejunum) + jejunal biopsy - jejunal erosions + villous blunting, marked atrophic with V:C ratio of 0.5: 1 to 0:1. HttG blood test done - Came out negative> Conclusion : No gluten exposure (how?) + Refractory Celiac disease. June - July - have been suffering from continuous diarrhea (goes off for 5-6 days and comes back, bloating, trappings in abdomen - waiting for I don't know what. On Rifaximin + Ivermectin + Codeine Sulphate (for diarrhea) I am very depressed and have no clarity on what's going on. If it is celiac, why am I not doing better on gluten-free diet. If the villous damage is still there in small intestine, then why did I kept fine for Sep - May period? HTTG - negative now but was NOT taken in Sep when I was first diagnosed with celiac. Can we trust negative HTTG now and conclude that it has come down? I am 20 kgs down from my ideal weight and still going down. Have no clue what NOT to eat to stop this. Why is eosinophil always high. Can any of you expert help me to put my case to docs in other countries? With lots of hope, Alok          
    • So, I know I'm obsessing but...... University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center website says any total IgA result over 20 won't affect the celiac test.   If this is so,  I'm still confused as to what a weak positive ttg iga means even though her result was barely in this category.  Why bother having a weak positive anyway?   I just don't get it and our doc is on vacation so I won't know what he'll recommend for another week.  I'll be finding out this week if we can see a GI without a referral. Our lyme doc (she's had lyme, may still have it, like I said it's a long story) is having her do an IgG wheat test but I don't think that has any bearing on celiac does it?    
    • Hi!  I've had good luck at the Minnesota state fair because most food booths are only doing one thing so there is no cross-contamination. For example: french fries or chocolate covered bacon or Indian kebabs.   But I live in California and I am heading to the state fair today! Does anybody have any great food suggestions that are definitely gluten-free there? Thanks, Celiac C.
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