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Market Report: Global Gluten-Free Products Market for Bakery & Confectionery, Snacks, Etc. 09/12/2013 - The most recent industry report by Research and Markets offers a comprehensive analysis of key players in the gluten-free product industry, major gluten-free product types and their sales channels, with commentary on developments and trends.

Photo: CC--Auswandem MalaysiaThe report also provides a detailed analysis on various phases of numerous aspects of the gluten-free products industry, along with the competitive strategies favored by major industry players.

Among the reports insights: As large supermarkets and mass retailers offer more gluten-free products, gluten-free sales by health and natural food stores are declining.

Over the last ten years, as millions of Americans have stopped consuming products containing gluten from wheat, barley, or rye, the market for gluten-free foods and other products has shifted, and many products once regarded as specialty or niche products are now regarded as regular grocery items.

The report projects global gluten-free product market to reach $6.2 billion at a CAGR of 10.2% by 2018. The report also provides market details and analysis for North America, now the largest market for gluten-free products, and for Europe, which is expected to show significant growth in the market in the near future.

Some of that growth is attributed to a steady stream of new gluten-free products in the market, offering additional nutrition, new ingredients or flavors.

The also report projects increased demand countries such as U.K., Italy, U.S., Spain, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, and India, among others.

The full report is available for purchase at: Gluten-Free Products Market By Type (Bakery & Confectionery, Snacks, Breakfast Cereals, Baking Mixes & Flour, Meat & Poultry Products), Sales Channel (Natural & Conventional) & Geography — Global Trends & Forecasts To 2018 welcomes your comments below (registration is NOT required).

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2 Responses:

Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfull Unrated
said this on
17 Sep 2013 5:07:20 AM PST
Thank you Jefferson for your continually insightful articles. You have helped me tremendously along my GF journey. Thank you.

Sue Dereemer
Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingfullratingemptyratingempty Unrated
said this on
21 Sep 2013 2:23:16 PM PST
Not one to be a kiljoy, but I am finding that as more selections of GF products become available, the prices for GF increase to the point that I am either making my own GF products, or switching over to the cave man diet. It is very hard for me to stand for any length of time because of several other back and fibromyalgia issues. So far I can manage to a point, but for not much longer!!! My question is what happens after a disaster to the rest of us with specific health problems that are left last in line for specialized foods and medications. Not much of anything. This year FIRES, FLOODS, and overseas disasters and wars, are leaving the rest of us exhausted mentally and physically. A lot of questions and NO GOOD ANSWERS, or food, that could be afforded!

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